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A rosé wine under the arbour

Perfume your home with this exceptional perfume for the House: 'Un vin rosé sous la tonnelle' Best Seller of Rose et Marius for 10 years. This perfume contains an exceptional 20% concentration of exclusive perfume from the Haute Parfumerie de Grasse.

Spray, 100ml Made in France


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    Size of the box: 5.5x12.5x5.5cm

    Height of the bottle: 12cm


    Head notes
    Grape RAISIN
    Heart notes
    FRAMBOISE Raspberry - Blackcurrant - Elderberries
    Base notes
    BOIS-ROSE Precious wood

    NORMAL MATERIALS: Ylang Ylang from the Comoros, Patchouli Heart from Indonesia, Pink Berries from Brazil, Sandalwood from India, White cedar wood from the United States of America...

    INGREDIENTS: : Ethyl alcohol, Octahydro-tetramethyl-2-naphthalenylethanone, Hexyl cinnamal, 7- hydroxycitronellal, Linalool, Citronellol, 1-(2,2,6-Trimethylcyclohexyl)-3-hexanol, d-limonene.


    Alcohol based, you can also perfume your curtains, cushions, sofa, carpet. However, remember to spray at a minimum distance of 50 centimetres. To fill your room with your home fragrance, hold the bottle up to the ceiling. Within reach, it will envelop the atmosphere of your favourite perfume in a few gestures, welcoming your guests with a unique perfumed note in your image. A single touch creates a delicate, vaporous veil, while several sprays in different parts of the room add strength.

Laughter in the garden, glasses clinking, children running around the bastide. In the shade of the arbour, a simple and joyful lunch like the happy days of a summer in Provence. This perfume, best seller of Rose et Marius, was inspired by this moment of Art de Vivre. Indeed you will find in this perfume, the fruity and woody notes of the tasting of a rosé wine of Provence.
19 Type of scent 22 association 23 vous aimerez aussi 24 Ce cadeau est pour 25 Je cherche un cadeau pour 26 Je m’évade en Provence dans : 27 En ce moment je rêve de 28 Mon carreau de ciment préféré : 30 Head notes
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  • Heart notes
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  • Base notes

    Magali Fleurquin Bonnard, creator of Rose et Marius, worked for 15 years in the luxury industry, notably for Piaget, Kenzo and Christian Lacroix. After a one-year trip around the world, she realized the sympathy of her native region, Provence.

    She decided to create the first luxury fragance brand of Provence in 2012 based on her olfactory memories in her grandmother's bastide in Provence.

    Rewarded in 2017 by the Label des Artisans d'Art for the excellence of its creations Made in France and then in 2022 by Emmanuel Macron who awarded her the insignia of the National Order of Merit, Rose et Marius never ceases to seduce France and the International with its original and refined olfactory creations.







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