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1/ Light your scented candle for at least 20 minutes so that its fragrance can be released. For the diffusion of the perfume we recommend not to go beyond 3 hours, because the perfume risks to saturate the air, and thus the scent will not have any more effect.

2/ It is necessary to take care of the wick by regularly cutting it to about 0.5cm so that the candle does not blacken. Indeed our candles are made of cotton wick (which is the best natural material for wicks), so if they are not cut regularly they risk turning black. We suggest you use a wick cutter to do this easily when the candle is cold

3/ It is best to extinguish your candle without blowing out the flame as this can create soot that stains the edges of the candle black. We recommend using your Rose et Marius snuffer.

4/ Once you have finished using the candle, keep it away from dust, to prevent the candle, which is a greasy substance, from absorbing them. Be careful never to leave your lit candle unattended!


Do you like to scent your home with scented candles? So do we! That's why we invented a unique candle refill concept over 10 years ago.

Once your Rose et Marius scented candle is finished, remove the wick on the metal disc when the candle is cold. Then put your container in the dishwasher and refill it endlessly with one of our 27 scented candle refills. Our candle refills exist to avoid waste and encourage reuse! To refill your candle, simply remove the plastic cover which is compostable, then place the scented wax in your Rose et Marius candle jar.