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At Rose et Marius we love the delicacy and subtlety of the rose. In the creation of our perfumes, we use different rose essences to bring sophisticated facets. The one we particularly like is Taïf Rose.

Its name comes from the city of Taif which is a city in Saudi Arabia known for its famous fragrant roses that grow in the surrounding mountains and wadis as far as the eye can see. For 1 kilo of rose essential oil, you need about 200 million petals (3 to 5 tons of flowers).

The first time we created a perfume with this rose was during a collaboration with the Villa Ephrussi, in Saint Jean Cap Ferrat. A place of exceptional beauty with a wonderful rose garden. They called on Rose et Marius to create a perfume for the rose festival. And it was this Taïf rose with slightly fruity/litchi notes that was the star. 


Combine the floral fragrance 'UNE SIESTE DANS LA BASTIDE ENSOLEILÉE' with another fragrance to create your own custom blend.

Want to make your floral fragrance fresher, then you'll enjoy the unique combination with 'UN MATIN A L'ORANGERIE' and its zesty notes.

Do you want to make your floral fragrance more gourmand? Then combine it with 'L'EAU ENSOLEILLEE DE ROSE' and its Madagascar Vanilla absolute.