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A delicate fragrance on oneself is not only a matter of body perfumes, but also of clothes.

Nowadays, we don't automatically think about it, but our grandmothers were fans!

Personalizing the smell of your clothes, drawers or car makes you feel at home even when you're on the move.

And having a wardrobe that smells good is always nice! 

The smell of freshly laundered clothes is one of life's little pleasures. It would be a shame to go without...

What a pleasure it is to open your wardrobe and smell those fragrant scents!  

Or check out our grandmotherly tips for a sweet-smelling wardrobe! 

Chalk to remove bad smells from your wardrobe. Of course, we're not telling you to colour in your clothes or wardrobes! But chalk has absorbent properties that will eliminate bad smells or humidity.Put 2/3 of it in a small gauze bag and let the magic happen.

Bath salts are also a good practice to perfume a wardrobe.Slip them into a gauze bag and let their pleasant scent diffuse, which will also eliminate humidity and slightly perfume your clothes.

The more nostalgic will appreciate slipping small bags of lavender into the back of their cupboards as our wise grandmothers did.

Or you can let your imagination run wild and create little bags of bark to scent these places, well known tricks.

Last tip, essential oils or pure perfumes, on a ceramic support like the famous cement tile Rose et Marius, pour a few drops and hang it in your cabin for a more than pleasant and lasting scent every time you open it! 

Perfume your cupboards and drawers with elegance!

Rose et Marius offers you a wonderful gift idea. It is a gift box including a plaster tile with perfume memory made in our workshops in Limoges, France and a spray of home perfume from the Haute Parfumerie de Grasse.

Our home perfumes have an exceptional concentration of perfume (20%) which allows you to have an intense and long-lasting fragrance in your home.

Spray on the tile the perfume that you will have chosen, among our 8 creations.

Our tile has been specially designed to have an odour memory and to diffuse the fragrance in your wardrobe, dressing room, drawer or car for several months.

A delicate and pleasant moment that will remind you of your most beautiful memories! To naturally perfume your clothes and enjoy the sweet scents of Rose et Marius, wild mint, Corsican scrub, amber, or orange blossom, what do you think?

Rose et Marius is an expert brand in perfuming your home.

Since 2012, we have been developing exclusive olfactory signatures from the Haute Parfumerie de Grasse for the most beautiful addresses (starred restaurants, palaces, 5* hotels...).

We have decided to offer you the opportunity to sign your home with a perfume that reflects you. Elegant, it will perfect the atmosphere of your living space by perfuming it with the most beautiful raw materials of perfumery. 

Our luxury home fragrance collections are entirely made in Provence in our workshops.

We have received the Label des Artisans d'Art for the quality of our products Made in Provence, a true concentrate of excellence from Provence!

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