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Tout savoir sur Vases

The technique:

In ceramics, casting is a moulding process. There are in fact three main ways of shaping porcelain: casting, moulding and turning.

At Rose et Marius, our craftsmen use the casting technique for vases.

This technique is mainly used to make very thin pieces or very large pieces.

This process dates back to the end of the 18th century. It was used at the Sèvres factory from 1814. 

Casting consists of pouring the liquid paste, or barbotine, into a hollow mould made of very porous plaster.

The paste is pressed against the inner wall of the mould and the excess liquid flows out through a special hole.

Depending on the desired thickness, this process must be repeated a number of times.

Once the dough has firmed up, it will conform to the shape of the mould, with a thickness sufficient to form a moulding.

History of cement tiles :

Magali spent all her summers in her grandmother's country house in Provence.

She used to play on the multicoloured cement tiles in the house.

She used the design of these specific tiles to sign all the creations of Rose et Marius.

Let us tell you the story of each design!

{Casteu} Means "Castle" in Provençal

This refined motif reminds us of the elegance of castles, it has become the emblem of our tiles, and is used on all our collections (soaps, liquid soaps, tumblers, perfume tiles).

{T'ame} means "I love you" in Provençal

We like the idea that our exceptional products are full of emotion and messages. We imagined a cement tile motif that takes up a heart to declare your love in the most beautiful way!

{Tometo} Means "Tile" in Provencal

This is a classic motif that we did not want to rework in order to leave it in its original form. It is very present in the bastides of Provence.

{Souleou} Means "Sun" in Provençal

We were inspired by the glitter of the sun on the Mediterranean Sea to offer you a contemporary and graphic design.

{Bastido} Means "Bastide" in Provençal

The bastide is the traditional house of Provence. This tile pattern has been kept in its original form to recall the emblematic pattern of the floors of Provence. It decorates our kettledrums and engraved soaps.

{Capello} Means "Cross" in Provençal

It is an emblematic motif of Rose et Marius, the crosses that make it up were inspired by the small chapels that are often found in the gardens of the bastides in Provence.

{Cabanoun} Means "Cabin" in Provençal

It is a small hut often found in the gardens of Provence. This motif takes up the symbol of Rose and Marius (the fig leaf) and it is for this bucolic reason that we have named it.

{Oustau} Means "Beautiful house" in Provençal

To let you into these beautiful residences, we have reworked a cement tile with elegance and refined volutes that reveal the emblem of Rose et Marius: the fig leaves.

The precious candles "Rose et Marius", emblematic product of the brand, are now available in vases.

To embellish your daily life in oversize! Still entirely handmade in France and cast in our workshops in Limoges.

These vases are unique, numbered and limited editions. They feature our iconic cement tile designs. They are enhanced with platinum or real gold.

We called on six different artisans to create them, combining the best of French know-how.

We have received the Label des artisans d'art for the quality of the excellence of our creations.

Several possibilities are offered to you in order to use this unique creation: in a luxury scented candle, in a champagne bucket, in a wine bucket (rosé!). In order to magnify the art of living in Provence.

It is also a marvellous object, ideal for our famous dried flower bouquets ,country bouquets par excellence, to be composed to measure, which recall the childhood memories of the creator, Magali, when she used to go to the hills, in summer, with her Grandmother, Rose.

And she would come back with her arms full of colourful perfumed flowers and wild herbs which were then hung in the dryer. A timelessly chic and elegant creation.

Watch our behind-the-scenes video to get a glimpse behind the scenes of our artisanal production.

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