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Instagram yourself, at our place! 

The boudoir of the Rose et Marius shop in Aix en Provence is transformed into a real dried flower bar.

Rose et Marius is delighted to welcome you to discover its wall of dried flowers which will transport you into a unique Provencal atmosphere.

A marvellous crown of flowers enriched with our scented soaps, decorative elements, awaits you so that you can take a photo of yourself and with your friends or family, like a 'photobooth' and post on Instagram by tagging @roseetmarius!

Flowers are at the heart of our business

All Rose et Marius perfumes come from the high perfumery of Grasse, which is why flowers and aromatic plants are at the heart of our business.

Today we are pleased to use them to magnify the art of living in Provence, which is dear to us, in your 'home sweet home'.

With their timeless shades and vintage charm, dried flowers seduce and inspire us.

Come and discover our chic and elegant country creations.

Foliage, branches and flowers from the fields bring colour in a lasting way and are part of the cocooning decorative movement that is so important to us at Rose et Marius.

Our flowery boudoir

This room, lined with Antoinette Poisson custom-made wallpaper with roses, announces the colour: femininity, elegance and a place that is unlike any other.

The dried flowers that adorn the ceiling and the armfuls of multicoloured flowers in wicker baskets are just waiting for you to compose your own custom-made dried flower bouquets that look like you!

Be trendy! And think of dried flowers to decorate your home with these wonderful eternal flowers.

An eco-responsible and fragrant decoration!

The little extra!

Rose et Marius is above all a House of high Perfumery and we create exceptional home fragrances. Choose the fragrance of your choice and we will perfume your bouquet of dried flowers with the scent of your choice!

We look forward to sharing our expertise and passion with you!

Do you like dried flowers? So do we!

Rose et Marius dried flower bouquets are the ultimate country bouquets.

They recall the childhood memories of the designer, Magali, when she used to go to the hills in the summer with her grandmother, Rose.

And she would come back with her arms full of colourful, fragrant flowers and wild herbs that were then hung in the dryer. Experience the art of living in Provence through our floral creations.

The art of living in Provence!

Experience the art of living in Provence through our floral creations Made in Provence. A timeless and chic creation with elegance.

Our bouquets are made of natural dried flowers. They are handmade by our florists in our workshop in Aix en Provence.

Dried flowers that brighten up your home. For a sustainable and eco-responsible decoration.

Our dried flowers are hung in the dryer, in our flowered boudoir at the Rose et Marius shop at 3 rue Thiers in Aix en Provence.

There you will discover an enchanting place where you can compose your bouquets of dried flowers, made to measure! Express your creativity and choose the flowers and colours that best suit your tastes, your personality and your mood of the moment! And we will create your made-to-measure bouquet in front of you, to match your decoration. Do not hesitate to come with your vase so that we can adapt it to your container.

Warm colours, in shades of pink, blue, yellow-orange or timeless white and green discover them on our online shop. And experience life in Rose... et Marius!

Scent your bouquet with dried flowers!

And, as a House of Haute Parfumerie, we will have the pleasure of perfuming your bouquet of dried flowers with the Rose et Marius fragrance of your choice!

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