Our exceptional craftsmen


Daniel, who produces our Limoges porcelain tumblers, is above all an outstanding person, an impassioned and enthralling man. His rigour in producing work of irreproachable quality and the affection that he shows to his teams command respect. Treading the kaolin-whitened floor of his workshop is a timeless experience where the terms “throwing”, “casting”, “glazing”,”biscuiting”, “enamelling” and “firing” are all marvellous verbal proof of the ancestral know-how accumulated and repeated by this manufacturing firm since its creation in1825. An example of that knowledge transfer so dear to the heart of Rose et Marius, because it helps to perpetuate the skills and the authentic history of ancestral techniques employed in producing exceptional objects, resulting in a porcelain so fine, delicate, and exceptionally white that it becomes translucent before the light of Rose et Marius candles.

from Grasse

Patrick was born and grew up in Grasse, surrounded from his earliest childhood by the aroma from the rose and lavender fields that cover the hills above Nice. It was not surprising therefore that he became a “nose”, and began to give expression to his childhood passion through his exceptional olfactory creations. With his exceptional sensitivity and expertise, he chooses the ingredients for Rose et Marius creations among the most beautiful materials that abound in Provence and works meticulously to faithfully reproduce the unique olfactory signature of Rose et Marius.


Marie-Noelle is our Master soap maker. In her workshop perched in the hills of Haute Provence, she perpetuates the traditions and ancestral knowhow that are so dear to Rose et Marius: putting her passion to the service of irreproachable quality. First each of our cement tile patterns is hand-engraved on to a brass mould which will be used to emboss the natural material. Hard and lengthy work went into refining the process so that each soap could have its own unique, natural recipe enriched with poppy oil to bring exceptional comfort and well-being to the user. Then the composition is enriched with naturel exfoliates such as grape seeds, lemon peel or fresh verbena and blended with exclusive perfumes from Grasse. Finally, after being hand-kneaded into shape, the soap paste is printed by hand to ensure perfect quality.


Frédéric, our wax master, pours his exceptional candles in Provence. He elaborates a different blend of waxes (beeswax, natural and mineral waxes) for each of our fragrances - a lengthy process - in order to ensure optimised diffusion of Rose et Marius’s “Haute Perfumery” fragrances. Then comes the finishing step, which consists in meticulously placing the cotton wick in the mould by hand making sure that it is perfectly centred. When the hot wax and the perfume are blended, hand pouring can begin. Each candle is then “surfaced”, that is to say that the surface wax is slightly re-melted in order to fill in any asperities left by the positioning of the wick. The wick is then trimmed to a specific length so that it will burn perfectly the first time it is lit.

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