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Tout savoir sur Wallpaper

Who is Antoinette Poisson? 

Historically, Jeanne-Antoinette Poisson is better known as the Marquise de Pompadour, but she was also a favourite of Louis XV.

The brand 'A Paris chez Antoinette Poisson' chose its name as a tribute to this courtesan who was a great lover of wallpaper.

And it is the craftsmanship of the 18th century domino makers that the brand honours. Inspired by historical documents or giving free rein to its creativity, the brand applies its style to wallpapers and other decorative objects, even signing a collaboration with Rose et Marius. 

Why choose wallpaper?

What better way to give your room a unique personality. 

Wallpaper is easy to stick on the wall, in no time you can redecorate your home sweet home.

Wallpaper is quicker to apply than paint, paint requires several coats with time lapses, wallpaper is quick to apply.

What hinders most of the time is to change the wallpaper, but with the new materials such as the Rose et Marius wallpaper, the installation and removal are easily done by yourself for your own interior.

Cleaning wallpaper is also so easy.

All you have to do is wipe it down with a damp cloth. Because the surface is smooth, dirt does not stick to the surface.

Be careful not to soak your cloth too much as this could damage the paper by peeling it off.

At the origin. Rose et Marius is a brand of exceptional perfumes but above all of lifestyle. Because it is the Art of the Southern lifestyle that guides all our creations.

This is why we wish to share with our customers creations such as: lighting, custom-made cement tiles, home-made herbal tea, gold or silver jewellery and now unique wallpaper.

Antoinette Poisson chooses her collaborations with great care.

After Gucci and Ladurée, it is with Rose et Marius that this niche wallpaper reference has placed its trust. Discover this entirely handmade wallpaper.

The technique used in the 18th century is the same as the one used for this creation to give a result comparable to no other one. The motifs are hand-painted.

A unique creation created in collaboration with l'Histoire de Rose et Marius: the rose for the reference to the perfume and also to the first name of the creator's grandmother intermingled with fig leaves which are found in the logo of our brand and whose fragrance evokes so well the summer in Provence.

Each leaf is a limited and numbered edition.

This wallpaper is the result of the collaboration between Antoinette Poisson and Rose et Marius and is a perfect object for interior decoration, combining the charm of the old and the contemporary to embellish your daily life with a unique, high quality and refined piece.

This wallpaper decorates the boudoir of the Rose et Marius shop in Aix en Provence.

Use it in your interior, this creation for an exclusive, colourful and refined decorative atmosphere. Made in France for an exclusive room.

Our recommendation is to put a leaf in an old frame, like a precious painting.

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