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Because our morale is put to the test during this very special period of Covid.

Rose et Marius has decided to brighten up your everyday life! What if barrier measures became a pure pleasure?

This is what we propose to you with our hydroalcoholic gel scented with Rosé Wine!

A unique formulation

First of all, test its incredible texture. It does not stick.

Then admire it: with its powdery pink colour, it is comforting. Its paper label, textured in hot silver, has the same pattern as our cement tiles.

And above all its smell: a pure moment of pleasure! It will leave your hands soft and delicately scented.

All our hydroalcoholic gels are made in our workshops in Provence.

The ingredients used in their composition (Brazilian rose berries, Guatemalan cardamom, Tonka beans...) are natural.

And with 70% alcohol, it is a very effective bactericide.

How to use it? 

A hydroalcoholic solution is a mixture of water and alcohol that allows the destruction of bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Several forms are possible: gel, foam, spray or wipes.

Be careful, a hydroalcoholic solution does not clean the hands, but disinfects them.

It should be used in addition to hand washing with soap and water or when there is no water point near you.

For example, if you don't have access to water, you can use a gel with an alcohol concentration of at least 60%.

But at Rose et Marius we wanted to go beyond the recommendations and offer you a 70% gel for even more effectiveness.

This is done in all circumstances where you have touched a potentially contaminated surface and where your hands will then come into contact with your mouth, nose and eyes.

Touching the face should be avoided as a precaution. 

The instructions for use are very simple: Apply an undiluted dose in the palm of the hand, spread well and rub. Do not rinse. 

7 mistakes not to make when using hydroalcoholic gel

  • Not respecting the minimum friction time: this gesture should last between 20 and 30 seconds, until the hands are dry.
  • Disinfecting only the palms of the hands: a drop in the palm is not enough to eliminate the risks.This procedure must be done thoroughly. 
  • Use only hydroalcoholic gel: the Ansm recommends using it "in the absence of an available water source".
  • Use hydroalcoholic gel on wet hands: To be effective, hydroalcoholic gel must be applied to dry skin.
  • Keeping hydroalcoholic gel for too long: This may come as a surprise, but hydroalcoholic gel does have an expiry date, it can be kept for between 1 and 3 months.
  • Exposing yourself to the sun after using hydroalcoholic gel: Because of their high alcohol content, they dry out the skin and make it more fragile. The risk of burning is therefore much greater. 
  • Rubbing your eyes after disinfecting your hands. 

Hydroalcoholic gel at Rose et Marius?

With the worldwide Covid pandemic we had to get into the habit of disinfecting our hands.

And this several times a day! As you know, at Rose et Marius we want to make your daily life more pleasant. That's why we decided to make this constraint a moment of pleasure.

The powdery pink texture is smooth and non-sticky and contains a softener that makes your hands very soft. And above all, it doesn't dry them out! Leaves a delicate scented film on your hands.

This is the iconic Rose et Marius fragrance. Un vin rosé sous la tonnelle', which is offered to you today in a gel version.

A unisex niche fragrance, exclusive to the Haute Parfumerie de Grasse, which is now the brand's best seller.

We have used grapes in the top notes, red and black fruits in the middle notes, reminiscent of the colour of wines, and woody notes in the base notes, referring to the oak barrels in which certain rosé wines are aged.

Our hydroalcoholic gel smells delicious, but it is also very effective.

It contains 70% bactericides and is therefore a very good weapon against COVID.

You can also use our solid soap and scented liquid soap, which is very effective as a barrier measure, just like the hydroalcoholic gel.

To complete its use, it is available in 3 refillable formats: 2 bag formats in 30 and 150 ml, a 315 ml format with a pump that allows you to vary the places intended to receive it!

And like most Rose et Marius products, our hydro-alcoholic scented gel is refillable!

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