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Tout savoir sur Scented matches

This familiar and ancient object has not always had this shape of a small wooden stick with a red and flammable end.

To arrive at the well-known match, many creations have been made... The first match to ignite by friction is attributed to the Englishman John Walker.

In 1827 he developed a chemical mixture of antimony sulphide and potassium chlorate that ignited when rubbed on a rough surface. 

What chemistry allows matches to ignite?

Our beloved matches, useful in summer or any other season to light our candles, barbecues or our small fire, are very easy to use but have a long history.

They are the result of much research and industrialization followed by improvements to make them safe and non-toxic. 

As we know so well, all you have to do is rub them and they catch fire.

But do you know what the ingredients are to make it work?

The scraper, often red or grey in colour, is made of glass powder and red phosphorus, which is non-toxic and non-flammable, allowing this friction on the match head to ignite.

The small poplar wood rod is impregnated with ammonium phosphate and its end is covered with paraffin.

The whole thing is scented with our signature fragrances.

What happens during the scratching process?

The glass powder concedes friction causing inflammation.

This temperature increase causes the red phosphorus to change into white phosphorus, which is highly volatile and flammable and therefore immediately ignites in the presence of the oxygen in the air.

All this is transmitted to the head of the match, which allows the flame to last longer.

As for the ammonium phosphate with which the wood is impregnated, it acts as a combustion retardant so that the match does not burn too quickly, and limits the formation of smoke when the match goes out.

Learn more about the mass creation process? It's HERE.

How are our scented matches made?

At Rose et Marius, our matches are made by hand in 100% French laboratories, which allows us to follow our production to the letter and allows our craftsmen to concoct our scented matches with rosé wine, fig tree, amber and sea.

What could be more chic than offering scented matches with our Luxury scented candles! Discover the pleasure of lighting the wick of your candle with elegance, an essential candle ritual, delicately scented.

Packaged in a silver gift box printed with our signature Rose et Marius cement tile pattern. Ideal for gift ideas, or as a complement to our precious candle boxes!

Available in 4 exclusive fragrances from the Haute Parfumerie de Provence.

Long 20 cm matches for an elegant gesture that avoids burning your fingers when your candle is well consumed!

An accessory as ancient as it is refined, brought up to date.

Their wood perfumes the room in which they are placed, as does their flame when you light them!

At Rose et Marius, we love lighting our candles with matches rather than lighters.

To be able to feel the crackle, to have that little stress of seeing it go out before you've been able to light your candle, to feel the fire getting closer to your fingers... These tiny moments of everyday pleasure enchant us and make us see life as a rose...and Marius!

Whether to light a candle, a fire, a cigarette, or even just for the pleasure of cracking this beautiful match and smelling its delicious fragrance that will take you on a journey to our Provencal universe.

They will allow you to light naturally candles and photophores for a cosy and warm lighting in your Home Sweet Home.

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