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The importance of light in interior design

The type of lighting is an important aspect of the architecture and decoration of your home sweet home, and colours play an important role in this.

Without the right lighting, the interior architecture cannot be fully developed.

Good lighting ensures a warm, welcoming but also sensible atmosphere in a house or flat.

Luminaires and the light they produce highlight everything in a room: furniture, finishes, textures etc.

The creative use of lighting can indeed enhance any decorating project, from the smallest to the largest. 

The lamps and colours selected to complement the style and décor have the power to bring the space to life.

Between aesthetics and practicality, what to choose?

At Rose et Marius we offer you the choice of a multitude of colours and patterns to decorate your interior to your heart's content. 

The patterns allow the lighting to enhance the brightness of the rooms.

Wall lights can provide a captivating ambient lighting effect with different translucent patterns reflected on furniture, walls, floor or ceiling. 

What is light therapy?

Light therapy (also known as phototherapy) is known as an alternative medicine that acts on the secretion of melatonin, the sleep hormone, in case of dysfunction of this mechanism, the body's biological clock is out of order.

This is where light comes into play, by reaching the retina, it causes a reaction from the epiphysis, which synchronises this biological clock by inhibiting the production of melatonin, which favours wakefulness.

What are its benefits?

Light therapy is especially effective in combating seasonal depression.

But it can also be used to treat: sleep disorders, premenstrual syndromes, certain forms of eating disorders, certain skin diseases, certain neurological diseases (multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, etc.), etc.

How does it work?

Light therapy can be practised either in a medical setting by therapists or at home with your own lamp. The exposure time depends on the intensity of the lamp, which consists of sitting about 30 centimetres away from the lamp, preferably in the morning when you wake up.

And the light is on!
You know them as candles but do you know them as lights?

After the success of our luxury precious candles, we wanted to allow you to embellish your daily life with our lifestyle collection of Rose et Marius lights.

These lights, which have been awarded the Label des Artisans d'Art for their excellent craftsmanship, are surprising, thanks to the delicacy of their porcelain.

Indeed, the shades become translucent as soon as the light is switched on. Wow, the effect is guaranteed!

The ultimate in chic: simply match your light fixture with your current decorating mood. Changing the colour of your cushions or curtains?

Simply change your kettlebell so that your Rose et Marius light is an elegant reminder of your interior decoration thanks to the interchangeable coloured lampshades.

Indeed, our lampshades are available in grey, taupe, pink, red, coral, sky blue, navy blue, celadon green, turquoise and even gold!

Our lights are available as floor lamps and wall lamps, with white or stainless steel bases. For both versions, let's appreciate the openwork base with our iconic cement tile pattern to enhance the sophistication and elegance of our lights.

As soon as a ray of sunlight hits your switched-off luminaire, you will be able to enjoy precious, dancing shadows on your furniture.

Thanks to the precious materials (platinum or gold) which have been delicately placed by our craftsmen on the timbales which serve as lampshades.

A real object of interior decoration, its subdued lighting allows you to immerse yourself in a cocooning, refined and elegant atmosphere.

Note that the lamps are LED (bulbs not included), so you can turn them on as often as you like, without excessive consumption of electricity.

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