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Moisture is one of the keys to beautiful skin, but should you moisturise every day?

Just like the face, the body is badly treated by external aggressions, but also by water (when washing) or rubbing of clothes.

The result: skin that is not or poorly moisturised will feel tight, itchy, rough and dull.

This is even more pronounced in winter, when the skin is even drier.

Moisturising the skin will restore its suppleness and luminosity.

All skin types, without exception, need hydration. Whether they are dry or not.

Learn more about the structures and roles of the skin.

Why is it important to take care of your body?

 The skin alone accounts for about 15% of the body's total weight and is therefore the largest organ in the human body.

The skin is the body's protective barrier against external aggressions (wind, cold, etc.).

Any change in the skin's balance (change of seasons, external aggressions due to wind, cold, etc.) can affect its health, which is why it is important to take care of it every day.

Just like our face, the skin of the body requires special attention.

What are the right gestures to adopt? 

To have soft and supple skin, it is possible to follow a few simple recommendations to be applied daily:

In general, use gentle shower gels and cleansers to avoid skin dryness, feelings of discomfort and tightness.

We suggest you use Rose et Marius natural liquid soaps, which are based on poppy floral water and olive leaf extracts for their antioxidant properties and olive oil for moisturising.

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Tips: The best time to apply your moisturizer is after the shower. Indeed, the epidermis is softened by the heat and ready to receive the cream/oil.

In the shower, avoid water that is too hot, as this helps to remove the hydrolipidic film on the skin's surface, which protects it from tightness and dryness.

In addition to daily washing, exfoliate your skin regularly with scrubs about once or twice a week.

Tips: Remember to moisturise your skin regularly. Especially after exfoliation to maintain your skin's hydrolipidic film.

Discover the engraved soaps Rose and Marius whose fragrances VIN ROSÉ, CALISSON, and LAVANDER, offer a gentle and natural exfoliation thanks to the presence of grape seeds and lavender twigs.

Tip: Choose rich skin care textures when the cold weather sets in.

To protect your skin from external factors (cold, wind...) and lighter textures that penetrate more quickly in summer.

Last great tip: DRINK again and again!

Rose et Marius hand and body cream is handcrafted.

An exclusive formulation to make this daily moment an enchanted interlude.

Vegan with 97% of ingredients of natural origin, enriched with organic oils.

Exclusive fragrances from the Haute Parfumerie de Provence.

With its melting, non-sticky texture, Rose et Marius hand cream is enriched with Organic Shea oil, Organic virgin Jojoba oil, Aloe Vera and Poppy water to provide long-lasting hydration and leave a delicate, fragrant veil on your hands and body. Made with love in Provence.

Which fragrance to choose?

Fresh Mint: Imagine walking barefoot through the garden of a Provençal country house... the scent of wild mint, basil and cut grass saturate the air with these fresh notes.

Share this soothing and refreshing moment of life.

Rosé wine: think of that pleasant summer evening when glasses are clinking and children are playing with your friends or family.

It is this moment of happiness that we wanted to convey through this sweet and fruity fragrance.

Rose et Marius' best seller available as a hand and body cream, to leave a perfumed veil.

Or as a complement to your perfume 'Un vin rosé sous la tonnelle'.

Orange blossom: The Marseille shuttle is a delicious little dry cake in the shape of a boat, which is the emblem of the beautiful city of Marseille! When you walk along the pavements of this charming city, you can smell the olive oil and orange blossom water near the shuttle ovens. It is so sweet and so emblematic that we wanted to offer it to you in the form of this bewitching and soothing fragrance.

Corsican scrub: Corsica is a short distance from Provence and is a popular holiday destination for the people of Provence. We wanted to share with you the scent of these berries that grow in the Corsican scrubland and that so intensely perfume the air of the island of beauty with the scent of myrtle and juniper.

Melon and Basil: Bite into a juicy melon in summer. It's this moment in life that we capture in this summery fragrance. We've even added cucumber and basil to complete the unique freshness of this addictive fragrance. A return to summer is guaranteed with this addictive and joyful fragrance.

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