Craftsmen of Provence

Our selection of perfumes with immortelle flower

30 November 2021
parfum à l'immortelle

In the heart of summer, Magali, the founder of Rose et Marius as a child, shared unique moments with her grandmother. Picking fresh immortelle flowers in the garrigue. She remembers the long hours of hanging these flowers from the ceiling of the bastide, to dry them. An olfactory memory that perfumed the rooms of the family home with a spicy, licorice-like scent. Today, we would like to share with you this intoxicating fragrance typical of the South. We tell you… Lire la suite

La vie en Rose... and Marius

Christmas shopping just perfect!

3 December 2021
Massage offerts à Aix

Christmas is coming soon! Certainly a wonderful time of sharing with the family. But it is also a constraint. Because in our busy schedules and our lives at 100 km/h, Christmas shopping. And especially to find THE original gift that will please, can be a constraint… An enchanted parenthesis from December 6 to 11 Fortunately Rose et Marius has thought of everything. We offer you a Christmas shopping experience that will be a real enchanted interlude. Indeed, from December 6th… Lire la suite

Craftsmen of Provence

How to take care of your scented candle?

14 December 2021

Winter is coming and the urge to light candles is growing. What could be better than a delicate scented candle to give your home a warm scent. In order to enjoy your candles to the fullest it is important to know how to care for them. That’s why Rose & Marius explains how to take care of them… Here are some ways to keep the flame alive… 4 steps to maintain your candle : 1/ BURNING TIME Start by lighting… Lire la suite

La vie en Rose... and Marius

What are the best gifts to give to a pregnant woman?

3 December 2021
cadeaux femme enceinte

You have just learned that a loved one is expecting a happy event. Crazy with joy, you already imagine yourself giving her gifts for the baby. But the mother-to-be is above all a woman: you mustn’t forget to take care of her.
 We are pleased to share with you our selection of the best gift ideas for a pregnant woman A mother-to-be should be spoiled and pampered! Pregnancy is a special time in a woman’s life. It is certainly expressed… Lire la suite

Craftsmen of Provence

Emmanuel Macron chooses Rose and Marius to represent Provence at the Elysée Palace

3 December 2021
Emmanule Macron choisit Rose et Marius pour représenter la Provence

The President of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron, has decided to promote the excellence of French know-how. As such, he organizes every year the Great Exhibition of Made in France at the Elysee Palace. The Haute Parfumerie brand Rose et Marius was honored to be chosen to represent the Bouches du Rhône Department. Rosé wine and fig tree! Rose et Marius luxury candles have been chosen to represent the Bouches du Rhône department in 2021. The candle with the red… Lire la suite

La vie en Rose... and Marius

How to buy a perfume without smelling it?

14 December 2021

An innovative widget The perfumist is an innovative widget created in Provence (cocorico!) that allows you to simply enter your favourite perfume and that will analyse its olfactory characteristics to suggest the Rose et Marius perfume creation that is closest to it. You can try it here! Samples to try before We suggest you try your Rose et Marius perfume first. To do so, simply order your samples here. Take the time to try them at home and you have… Lire la suite

Non classé

Creative workshop in Aix en Provence

14 December 2021

Stimulate your creativity and live a new experience; this is what the House of High Perfumery Rose et Marius offers you. Indeed, in Aix en Provence, come and learn how to create your own perfume for the House. A creative workshop for adults and children from 8 years old. Become a perfumer day Expert in niche perfumes, the House of Rose et Marius puts its know-how, its passion, its expertise and its most beautiful raw materials from the Haute Parfumerie… Lire la suite

La vie en Rose... and Marius

Our top 3 of spring fragrances

24 March 2021
Parfum de printemps

Only a few days left before the arrival of the happy days of spring. That long-awaited moment when nature awakes from its winter sleep. To perfume the air with herbaceous and floral fragrances, to caress our skin with the first rays of the sun and to offer our eyes the wonder of the blossoming of flowers of a thousand and one colours. Our senses, which have been hibernating, finally regain their rights! What better time to be intoxicated with sweet… Lire la suite

La vie en Rose... and Marius

How do I refill my scented candles?

27 February 2021
développement durable

The time has come to stop the frenzied consumption of scented candles and to stop reusing our products. Mentalities are changing and that’s good! Since 2012 ROSE ET MARIUS has been committed to this approach by only offering rechargeable candles. We explain how to refill your scented candles.   Why refill your candles? Stop wasting and long live reuse! Especially when the candle refill cup is so chic and refined. Choose your timbale in fine Limoges porcelain , either enhanced… Lire la suite

On the roads of Provence

Our incredible fig tree fragrance !

17 February 2021
l'incroyable figuier de Rose et Marius

It is the story of a childhood memory that has become a cult perfume. What if we tell you its story? Once upon a time… Magali who spent all her summers in the country house of her grandmother, Rose. She remembers the heat of summer in Provence. And the naps under the hundred-year-old fig tree. In the shade of the branches which bent under the weight of the leaves. And perfumed the air. With a hot, spicy, green smell. Bewitching.… Lire la suite