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L’Eau Ensoleillée de Rose, a gourmand and seductive perfume !

16 March 2022
Eau Ensoleillée Rose et Marius

Have you ever wondered how certain ideas come about?

For Magali, the creator of Rose et Marius, it all started during her childhood. It is through the moments spent in the Provencal house of her grandmother Rose that, without knowing it, she created the memories that make the perfumes of today.

Provence and Rose herself are at the origin of this scent: L’Eau Ensoleillée de Rose, a greedy and seductive perfume.

L’Eau Ensoleillée de Rose : a gourmand perfume

When the sun was at its peak, Magali entered her grandparents’ country house to take shelter from the heat. She took with her the scent of orange blossoms and then go in search of Rose, her beloved grandmother. She often found her in one of the armchairs of her boudoir, sitting next to a bouquet of fresh jasmine. The sweet scent filled the room as she told her about the games she had invented while running on the cement tiles. But when it was time for a snack, it was no longer a question of chatting but of tasting. So, full of excitement, she sat at the little table waiting for her grandmother. Rose entered the room with a cake, leaving behind her a scent of vanilla.

From this sweet moment, L’Eau Ensoleillée de Rose was born.

When this Eau de parfum was created, Magali and her team of passionate called upon the best artisans in Provence to bring this memory to life. Tunisian orange flower absolute, mint and galbanum were used as top notes. To recreate the atmosphere of Rose’s boudoir, the jasmine, Indonesian patchouli, Turkish rose essence and Jasmine absolute were blended as middle notes. And, it is the vanilla bean from Madagascar, Tonka bean, vetiver, white musk and white cedar from the United States of America that have been given the mission to perfect this trace of the past in the base notes.

Creations made for you

Based on this fragrance, other products have been created to perfume your home.

To enhance the scents of L’Eau Ensoleillée de Rose, we have created the solid perfume. To use it, nothing could be simpler, you will only have to apply it with your fingertip on the areas where your body gives off the most heat (the inside of the wrist or elbow, the nape of the neck, etc…). Once finished, you can recharge your precious box with your favorite scents.

A scented soap can also be natural, as proven by the soap L’Eau Ensoleillée de Rose. In addition to offering you its sweet scent, it takes care of your skin by moisturizing it with its foam created from poppy and olive oil from Provence.

If it is your interior that you want to perfume with notes of orange, jasmine and vanillathe scented candle will be your ally. During 60 hours, it will diffuse its soft scents, while offering you a warm atmosphere. The simple fact of lighting it will give you the impression of being near a Provencal country house.

Now, you can close your eyes to smell and feel the sweet notes of L’Eau Ensoleillée de Rose.