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How to take care of your scented candle?

14 December 2021

Winter is coming and the urge to light candles is growing. What could be better than a delicate scented candle to give your home a warm scent. In order to enjoy your candles to the fullest it is important to know how to care for them. That’s why Rose & Marius explains how to take care of them…

Here are some ways to keep the flame alive…

4 steps to maintain your candle :


Start by lighting your scented candle and let it burn for at least 1 hour. This step is important because it will avoid creating an unsightly hollow and will ensure that the next time you use the candle it will be smooth and homogeneous. The recommended diffusion time is about 2 to 3 hours maximum. The main reason is that beyond that time, the diffusion saturates the air, and therefore the scent will not be more intense. The other reason is that your candle will have reached its maximum temperature, it will start to burn faster, for nothing.


The wick is an essential part of the candle. Of course, without the wick, the candle cannot be lit and therefore cannot burn! Our Rose and Marius scented candles have a cotton wick.
The cotton wick has the advantage of being environmentally friendly because it is made of natural fibres. Moreover, a cotton wick allows your candle to burn properly.
In contrast, synthetic wicks may have undergone chemical treatments that are harmful to health when the candle burns.
It is essential to regularly cut the wick of your candle (about 0.5cm). Remember that it is the wick that allows the candle to burn smoothly and it is normal for the wick to be black after burning.


The moment of extinguishing the candle is also a very important step. We tend to blow out the flame thinking that this is the best way to extinguish our candle and not the best way to create soot. Extinguishing your candle with a snuffer or dipping the end of the wick into the still melted wax will help it to light up again.


When you have finished using the candle, keep it away from dust so that it does not cause a problem the next time you burn it. And keep it out of the sun so that the wax does not melt.

Now that you know all the tips for taking good care of your scented candle, come and discover our Rose and Marius candles with different autumnal fragrances, a cocooning atmosphere guaranteed.

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