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Craftsmen of Provence

Craftsmen of Provence

Our selection of perfumes with immortelle flower

30 November 2021
parfum à l'immortelle

In the heart of summer, Magali, the founder of Rose et Marius as a child, shared unique moments with her grandmother. Picking fresh immortelle flowers in the garrigue. She remembers the long hours of hanging these flowers from the ceiling of the bastide, to dry them. An olfactory memory that perfumed the rooms of the family home with a spicy, licorice-like scent. Today, we would like to share with you this intoxicating fragrance typical of the South. We tell you… Lire la suite

Craftsmen of Provence

How to take care of your scented candle?

14 December 2021

Winter is coming and the urge to light candles is growing. What could be better than a delicate scented candle to give your home a warm scent. In order to enjoy your candles to the fullest it is important to know how to care for them. That’s why Rose & Marius explains how to take care of them… Here are some ways to keep the flame alive… 4 steps to maintain your candle : 1/ BURNING TIME Start by lighting… Lire la suite

Craftsmen of Provence

Emmanuel Macron chooses Rose and Marius to represent Provence at the Elysée Palace

3 December 2021
Emmanule Macron choisit Rose et Marius pour représenter la Provence

The President of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron, has decided to promote the excellence of French know-how. As such, he organizes every year the Great Exhibition of Made in France at the Elysee Palace. The Haute Parfumerie brand Rose et Marius was honored to be chosen to represent the Bouches du Rhône Department. Rosé wine and fig tree! Rose et Marius luxury candles have been chosen to represent the Bouches du Rhône department in 2021. The candle with the red… Lire la suite

Craftsmen of Provence

Do you like citrus scents?

23 October 2020
Parfum à l'orangerie

At Rose et Marius we cherish the freshness and subtlety of the Hesperidae family. This family, inspired by Greek mythology. The Hesperides were the nymphs who kept the golden apple … an orange! And which gave its name to the family of citrus-based perfumes. Each Rose et Marius fragrance tells a unique moment in the Art of Living in Provence. For our eau de Parfum “A morning at the orangery” we invite you for a unique olfactory walk in our… Lire la suite

Craftsmen of Provence

Personalize your gifts !

7 May 2020
rose et Marius personnalise vos cadeaux

Make your gifts unique for those you love. Because when your gift is personalized, it takes a new dimension. This is why Rose et Marius offers to make them tailor-made. Indeed, we personalize your soaps, solid perfumes and scented candles. And this, very easily and quickly. Our workshop in Aix en Provence at your service Rose et Marius creates collections of exceptional handcrafted perfumes. Our workshop, located at 3 rue Thiers in Aix en Provence, engraves your scented soaps, 30ml… Lire la suite