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Gift for your Grandmother : our exclusive selection

2 March 2022

Our exclusive selection of gifts to celebrate your Grandmothers or those you consider as such!

The smell of her lemon cakes coming out of the oven, the smell of the earth when you were spending time in her garden, the scent of the flowers in the vase or simply her perfume… Many memories are coming to your mind while thinking about your grandmother or the one you consider as such. It is so for Magali, the creator of Rose et Marius. Indeed, thanks to her childhood memories in Provence with her grandmother Rose, Magali imagined and designed the brand. The most beautiful gift for your grandmother is you. Yet why not give it a plus by offering her a present that looks like her ?

Birthday, Christmas, Grandmother’s Day or simply for the pleasure of giving, here is our exclusive selection of gift boxes for your Grandmother. Discover our presents inspired by sweet childhood moments spent in Provence.

L’Eau Ensoleillée de Rose gift set: light in a bottle, inspired by Rose, Magali’s grandmother

Magali was inspired by her childhood memories of her grandmother, Rose, in Provence. Bright, she loved flowers, so naturally Magali imagined an eau de parfum playing with the most beautiful flowers of the Grasse region (orange blossom, roses, jasmine) and in base notes for its solar side, Tonka bean and Madagascar Vanilla. Like a Madeleine de Proust, the Sunshine of Rose box reconnects us to ourselves, to our history, to our essence.

The 4 mini soaps set: change scents according to your moods

Taking care of your grandmother is important. Often, it comes down to the little things, the details. Have you noticed that she used soap bars every day? Then, don’t hesitate any longer and opt for this box of 4 mini soaps. Their small size (4x35grs) will allow your grandmother to choose her favorite scent from among melon, fig tree, rose wine and Corsican scrub according to the season or her mood, scents that will send her straight to Provence.

Thanks to the poppy and olive oils of Provence, the creamy and delicate foam will leave your grandmother’s skin moisturized all day long. Our soaps are made locally, by our craftsmen of Provence. They are cold saponified, which allows them to retain all the quality and benefits of natural ingredients. Their patterns represent the cement tiles on which Magali played at her grandmother Rose’s house, when she was a child.

Giving this gift to your grandmother is sure to please her, and who knows, maybe she’ll let you try one.

Eau de Parfum and its soap “Une sieste dans la bastide ensoleillée”: a journey downtown the charming cities of Provence

Green mandarin from Sicily, sweet fennel from Hungary, lemon from Sicily and Calabria, canapa sativa from Italy, basil from India. These are the noble materials present in the eau de parfum and the soap. The name of this quality box speaks for itself, “A nap in the sunny country house”.

The olfactory notes that compose it will send your grandmother to the bastides, the typical houses of Provence, where the smell of fresh grass from the hillside mixes with wild flowers to create fascinating and relaxing scents. This box, created in the heart of our Haute Parfumerie de Provence, has been crafted with the talent and love of our local artisans.

When your grandmother opens this beautiful box, she will discover a contemporary glass bottle containing 100 ml of an exceptional eau de parfum, accompanied by a 35g soap of the same scent. These two exceptional creations are decorated with the emblematic motif of Rose et Marius, the cement tile.

The Vin Rosé ritual set: exceptional creations in her daily routine

When you have a grandmother who likes to take care of herself, there’s no reason to hesitate. This Ritual with Rosé Wine set is made for her. It will allow her to pamper herself and make her daily routine a moment of well-being. This luxury box, embellished with hot silver, is decorated with the cement tile patterns that are the signature of all Rose et Marius creations. Even before you open it, it’s a beautiful present.

But it doesn’t stop there, since it is as beautiful outside as it is inside. Inside, she will find 4 high quality products:

– A hand and body cream that, in addition to moisturizing her for a long time, will take her on a journey through the scents of Provence during her daily use.

– A silicone-free shampoo with 95% natural ingredients. Once finished, your grandma can even refill it, because its pump bottle is not only practical, it’s also refillable.

– A paraben-free liquid soap enriched with olive oil to leave her skin moisturized.

– A natural soap, without palm oil and composed of 97% ingredients of natural origin.

By giving this gift box to your grandmother, you are not only giving her delicate products, you are also giving her a story. A memory inspired by the childhood of the creator of Rose et Marius, that of a summer meal in Provence where the adults’ glasses clink under the garden arbour while the children play in the distance. To bring this moment to life, the Rituel au Vin Rosé gift set includes the noble materials of ylang-ylang from the Comoros, patchouli heart from Indonesia, pink berries from Brazil, sandalwood from India, and white cedar wood from the United States of America, which will also plunge you into the heart of a Provencal lunch.

The interior spray box and its tile “Madeleine de Proust”: revive memories and create new ones

Give your grandmother this box to perfume her home and let this scent, like a Proust’s madeleine, remind her of some childhood memories. Share together some snippets of a past life by smelling the sweet scent of madeleine that will fill the room. This indoor spray, made of 20% perfume, will leave a sweet and lasting scent in her home. It can be sprayed directly on fabrics such as the sofa, cushions, curtains or on the accompanying tile.

With its French woven ribbon, small embroidered bag and soft pattern, this Limoges-made tile will subtly slip into her drawers and cabinets to slowly diffuse its fragrance. Only three sprays will be enough for several weeks of sweet scents in your home. It can be the perfect occasion to cook delicious madeleines together and create new memories.

The Scented Lantern Set: a chic and sober decoration

Make her home a cozy nest by adding your colorful touch. You can already see them, these three small scented candles, embellishing his interior. One on the coffee table, another in the hallway and why not, a last one on the mantelpiece. She will be able to light them according to her desires, for an atmosphere at the same time chic by their scents which come from noble materials resulting from our High Perfumery of Provence and elegant by their appearances out of glass and coloured papers, heightened by hot silver. Inside this magnificent box decorated with cement tiles and silver, your grandmother will find three scents made from our most popular eaux de parfums:

– A summer night under the fig tree

– Sunny Rose Water

– A rosé wine under the arbour

These three 80g candles will provide approximately 75 hours of burning time.

The precious refillable candle Casteu Gris : a gift for a refined grandmother

This box is a gift idea for a refined grandmother who loves beautiful creations. Much more than a simple product, it is an object of art that you offer her. Our 6 artisans have combined their knowledge to create this exceptional scented candle.

Inside the box, your grandmother will find the certificate of authenticity of this fine Limoges porcelain tumbler, enhanced with real platinum that takes up the patterns of traditional cement tiles. These same tiles that used to decorate Rose and Marius’ house are now the signature of all the creations and even the floor of the Aix-en-Provence boutique.

Choose the perfume that best suits her from our 30 exceptional scents. Each one refers to a memory, to a childhood scent in the bastide of Provence. This gift will offer her about 60 hours of burning, for a soft and soothing light. Your grandmother will be seduced when she knows that once finished, she will only have to reload the timbale with the scent of her choice to give life to her candle. This will be an opportunity for you to make notes for a future gift.

With one of these boxes as a gift, your grandmother is sure to be pleased. It’s a nice way to show her that she means a lot to you every day. Magali chose to make objects thanks to the moments she spent with her grandmother Rose. Now it’s your turn to share her creations and make your own memories. They will be tender and bathed in intoxicating scents that you will be able to share in turn when the time comes. Want even more scented gift boxes? Find all our creations here.