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What are the best gifts to give to a pregnant woman?

3 December 2021
cadeaux femme enceinte

You have just learned that a loved one is expecting a happy event. Crazy with joy, you already imagine yourself giving her gifts for the baby. But the mother-to-be is above all a woman: you mustn’t forget to take care of her.
 We are pleased to share with you our selection of the best gift ideas for a pregnant woman

A mother-to-be should be spoiled and pampered!

Pregnancy is a special time in a woman’s life. It is certainly expressed by joys. But also anxieties, changes and pains
Pregnancy is indeed one of the most beautiful things in the world, what could be more beautiful than carrying life? But pregnancy also means fatigue, doubts and that is why you must not forget to take care of yourself during this pregnancy.

Taking care of yourself allows you to find yourself as a woman and not only as a mother-to-be. That’s why it’s essential to dedicate small beauty rituals for yourself. Rose et Marius, offers you exceptional gift ideas made in Provence.

A nice warm bath with our Rose and Marius soaps

The house of high perfumery Rose et Marius presents you its range of natural perfumed soaps. As beautiful as they are good for mom’s and baby’s skin.

A true concentrate of excellence from Provence, based on poppy and olive oils from Provence, Rose et Marius soaps offer a creamy and delicate lather that does not dry out the skin and are composed of 97% natural ingredients.

Rose et Marius invites you to discover our soap “L’eau ensoleillée de Rose” with noble materials: Orange Blossom Absolute from Tunisia, Turkish Rose Essence, Patchouli Heart from Indonesia among others …. For an absolute moment of relaxation!

Hydration is one of the keys to beautiful skin.

During pregnancy, mom’s skin can be put to the test. From pregnancy masks to stretch marks, the skin is constantly being tightened. This is why moisturizing is essential.

Rose et Marius offers you our essential hand and body cream “un vin rosé sous la tonnelle”. It will allow you to perfume yourself while avoiding perfume, which is composed of alcohol and is not recommended during the first months of pregnancy.

This scented cream has a melting, non-sticky texture. Moreover, it is enriched with fig extracts, apricot oil, olive leaf extracts as well as our unavoidable sage floral water in order to durably moisturize your body.

Here are the noble materials which compose it: Ylang Ylang from the Comoros, Heart of Patchouli from Indonesia, Pink Berries from Brazil, Sandalwood from India, White Cedar Wood from the United States of America…

Perfume without taking risks!

As you probably know, alcohol is the main ingredient in the composition of perfumes. It is often decried during the first months of pregnancy.

Moreover, the sense of smell of the pregnant woman changes and becomes much more powerful. It is thus important to take these 2 elements in consideration if you wish to offer a perfume to a pregnant woman.

However, the fact of perfuming oneself is important for the well-being of the future mother and seduction. That’s why we propose you the ideal gift to offer to a pregnant woman: the solid perfume Rose et Marius

Presented in a precious box that can be personalized! The perfume is an infusion in a base of vegetable waxes. Exclusive recipe developed by Rose et Marius!

Without alcohol and with a less concentrated perfume rate, these solid perfumes of luxury allow to be perfumed delicately (but durably).

The icing on the cake: the box is refillable.

Our recommendation for pregnant women: A morning at the orange grove. Indeed this fresh, natural and citrusy perfume. It is based on clementines from Corsica, oranges from Brazil and Bergamots from Sicily. It will come to perfume without disgusting the pregnant woman, who often suffers from nausea.

Here is a selection of Christmas gift ideas perfect for pregnant women. A concentrate of excellence from Provence to make this daily moment an enchanted interlude and take you on an exceptional olfactory journey in Provence.

All made in France and made with love by our luxury craftsmen in Provence.