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All about gourmet fragrances! 🧁

13 February 2023
bougie à la madeleine

Indeed, when we think of fragrances, sweetness is not the first thing that comes to mind.

And yet these are increasingly popular fragrances that are often associated with sweet treats such as caramel, cotton candy or candy apple.

They are little blends of happiness due to their natural synthetic components such as ethyl maltol, sacrasol, coumarin and furaneol.

2 reasons to opt for a gourmand perfume:

  • Slipping in sweet notes like vanilla and Tonka bean, Rose and Marius gourmand fragrances are a perfect solution to indulge yourself without consuming sugar. Their irresistible sweetness will transport you to a world of delight and addiction that is pleasant and guilt-free!
  • Finally, sugar has always been able to lower our anxiety level. The sweet notes act as real antidepressants and irresistibly tickle our endorphins.

The gourmet creation of Rose et Marius

We can’t talk about gourmet perfumes without mentioning “L’eau ensoleillée de rose”.

This perfume was born as a tribute to Rose, Magali’s grandmother (who gave her name to our brand).

“L’eau ensoleillée de Rose” is ideal for women who love mouth-watering scents and the delicate and subtle smell of flowers. We have carefully selected the most beautiful flowers of Grasse that bloom in the light of the comforting and warm notes.

We recommend this fragrance for luminous women who like to take a bite out of life!

For even more pleasure, “L’eau ensoleillée de Rose” is available in eau de parfum (and a travel size to take it everywhere with you), spray, solid perfume, soap and shower gel!

Our exceptional raw materials

Head for the Indian Ocean and Madagascar, where we find the Bourbon vanilla.

More than three quarters of the world’s vanilla production comes from this island, harvested from May to September.

The vanilla known as “Bourbon” is the fruit of the variety Vanilla Planifolia. It arrived in Central America and the West Indies in the eighteenth century, then in the nineteenth century the plant colonized the island of Reunion and took the name of Bourbon vanilla, the name of the island before the French Revolution.

Its neighbor Madagascar will then welcome the plantations, in particular in the region of Sava.

In South America and particularly in Venezuela, Guyana, Mexico and Brazil, we find the Tonka bean.

A seed with multifaceted vanilla, tobacco, gourmand, almond, and woody scents composed of coumarin, a product isolated from the tonka bean and reproduced in synthesis, and very much used in perfumery since ever.

And gourmet food, even in the house

Don’t worry, we’ve thought of everything!

The fragrance ‘Sunshine Rose Water’ is also available for the home. You can find it in scented candles, mini candles, perfume diffusers, and indoor sprays.

We also have a home fragrance diffuser and a home spray inspired by the sweetness of baked madeleines. From these buttery, milky, sweet scents that recall the childhood memories of Magali, the creator of Rose et Marius, we have created this ultra addictive and comforting perfume: my madeleine of Proust.

Lovers of gourmet perfumes, discover it here

You want to make your own opinion?

For those of you from Provence, you have the chance to make your selection directly in our boutique Rose et Marius at 3 rue Thiers in Aix-en-Provence, opposite Hermès and Lulli.

We are open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10:30 am to 7:00 pm, you can discover a large choice of products labeled Artisans d’Art.

If you can’t come, you can always do your shopping directly on our website:

And even faster, the direct link to buy “L’eau ensoleillée de Rose” :

Or “Ma madeleine de Proust” :

For more information you can contact us at +33 4 42 35 14 88.

See you soon 😉