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The rose and the creation of the essential oil at Rose et Marius 🌹

21 February 2023

magali dans les champs de roses

The history of floral perfumes in the Haute Parfumerie rose

Floral perfumes appeared at the beginning of the 20th century, well after the colognes.

The family of the floral perfumes is undoubtedly the most important, it gathers all the perfumes whose main theme is the flower.

Nowadays, the floral scent is appreciated for its natural and feminine side. And above all, it allows each woman to find her touch of romanticism.

Widely used, and for a long time, in perfumery, florals are elegantly combined with many other fragrances. That’s why all designers love to use them, because with flowers, their creations have no end…

The Majestic Rose 🌹

It recreates the freshness of the morning dew that blooms and gives way to a majestic, ultimate, perfect flower.

Rose et Marius has chosen to recreate the fragrance of the hundred-petalled flower, rediscovering it in its finesse and freshness.

The hundred-leafed rose, known as ‘Centifolia’, is silky, velvety and crisp.

At Rose et Marius, this flower has a particular importance, hence its name. Magali, the designer, was inspired by her childhood memories of her grandmother, Rose, in Provence.

The Story of the Taif Rose ✨

Rose et Marius has the pleasure to work with exceptional places in France and abroad.

A few years ago, La Villa Ephrussi, a fabulous place with a wonderful rose garden overlooking the Mediterranean, called on us.

As part of the Rose Festival, the Villa of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, asked us to develop a rose fragrance. It is from this story that hatched the candle scented with ‘Rose Taïf’.

Before being a candle, ‘Taïf’ or ‘city of roses’ is above all a famous city in Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦connue for the famous fragrant flowers that grow in the surrounding mountains and wadis.

This fragrance will transport you to the Rose and Marius rose garden where ancient roses grow with delicate and bewitching perfumes that we faithfully transcribe in this scented candle with powdery and refined scents.

The creation of the essential oil of Rose

Once harvested, the raw materials undergo different extraction techniques to recover the essence of the perfume.

The extraction technique used to extract the essential oil of Rose is hydrodistillation.

Did you know that?

❓4500kg of fresh petals are needed to obtain 1kg of essence

After harvesting, the flowers are kept in burlap bags, which help to maintain aeration. As soon as the harvesting is finished, the weighing is done and the work of each picker recorded for his remuneration, then the harvest is transported by truck to the distillation place, a few kilometers away. 🚚

The flowers are then unloaded into large capacity stills to extract their essence.

This still is a large tank topped with an elbow pipe. The petals are poured into this container and covered with water.

The mixture is brought to a boil; the steam is then directed through the pipe to a condenser.

The liquid obtained is a mixture of rose water and oil, which is decanted into a vase called “Florentine”.

Then comes the stage of “cohobage” which allows to separate the water and floral oil. We thus obtain the essential oil. 🌹

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