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The marine note in perfumery 🌊

2 March 2023
marine calanque saint tropez

The marine olfactory facet began to be in vogue in the 1990s.

At that time, the focus was on protecting the planet. There was a need for nature, fullness, and purification through water.

A new approach to pure freshness appeared in unisex perfumery with marine and aquatic notes.

These iodized scents will be in perfect harmony with citrus or floral notes. This will reinforce the freshness and vitality of these aquatic fragrances.

Rose et Marius and the Mediterranean aquatic accord

It is above all a love story with Provence that pushed Magali to create the first Haute Parfumerie de Provence brand. Rose et Marius is labeled since 2017 in the crafts of Art.

The marine creation ‘Une escale dans les calanques’, is inspired by a dive in Magali’s favorite calanque on the Côte bleue.

A subtle balance between the freshness of citrus and iodine notes. The whole is mixed with the warmth and sweetness of the immortelle whose spicy scents, are for us the witness of the summer.

The citrus notes are supported by tangerine, lemon, Italian bergamot, and grapefruit.

These tangy fruits blend perfectly with iodine, water jasmine and juniper berries.

Spicy scents play the role of summer heat, with warm sand, immortelle and white musk.

This iodized fragrance will immerse you in a pleasant atmosphere of relaxation under a dazzling sun. It’s up to you to decide how you want to embody water and its many symbols: power, fluidity, spontaneity or calm.

What do you wish to breathe and inspire?

Exceptional raw materials

  • Synthetic marine notes

The main ingredient of the marine note was discovered in 1966 by Pfizer. A pharmaceutical company that invented a synthetic molecule, calone.

The ‘calone’ is presented in the form of powder, knowing how to reproduce to perfection the marine scents.

The ‘calone’ has an aqueous scent, evoking the iodized air. As well as a slightly green and aniseed note, with a facet of watermelon and melon.

Since then, new synthetic molecules have been developed such as melonal, floralozone, or seaweed absolute.

  • Natural marine notes

However, it is frequently claimed that the smell of sea air comes from iodine, but this is not true.

Iodine is odorless, so we can’t smell it.

It is actually marine organisms that produce the aroma of the sea air. Rose et Marius uses natural plants such as blue cypress, lotus and sea fennel.

It is also possible to use an interesting note from seaweed. These are processed by extraction with volatile solvents. They offer a very refreshing sensation, with an iodized temperament. These notes allow to find the euphoric sensations of the seaside and an instant energy.

The warm sand accord immediately creates a pleasant sensation. In addition to inviting us to travel, it reminds us of vacation, summer and the good memories of our childhood.

Did you know that?

Did you know that the pattern on the Rose et Marius cement tile is called ‘souleous’ which means sun.

It is made to perfume your laundry, with a fresh and pleasant smell. And slowly diffuses its fragrance, nestled in your drawers, closets or wardrobes.

It is a true refinement with discreet luxury dressed with a ribbon woven in France, to hang easily in your cabinets. The tile is delicately engraved with our iconic, contemporary and original cement tile pattern.

The day can start well!

The goal is to scent the Rose and Marius tile with the scented room spray of your choice!

Want to try the marine scent on yourself?

For the Provençals, you have the chance to make your selection directly in our store Rose et Marius. At 3 rue Thiers in Aix-en-Provence, opposite Hermès and Lulli.

However, we are open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10:30 am to 7 pm. You can discover a large choice of products labeled Artisans d’Art.

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