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Artichokes with anise and fennel seeds

9 May 2020

Containment is coming to an end, so are our #confinement recipes! Here is a vegetable dish that we particularly like; it can be served as a starter or as an accompaniment to white meat. This is the recipe for artichoke hearts with anise. Tasty and very easy. Ingredients: For 6 persons : 450 grams of artichoke hearts (you can use frozen if you can’t find them at the market) 1 teaspoon green anise seeds 1 pinch of fennel seeds 3� Lire la suite

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Spring detox water

28 April 2020
l'eau aux feuilles et fruits de printemps

With the first heat of spring, it is important to stay hydrated. But drinking water can sometimes be tasteless. So we decided to share with you a recipe that is as simple as it is delicious : spring detox water from Rose et Marius.   Ingredients: 5 peppermint leaves 5 fresh verbena leaves 5 basil leaves 3 gariguette strawberries 1 quarter of lemon And water !   Let’s go ! Fill your carafe with tap water. Squeeze the lemon, cut� Lire la suite

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Rose water panacotta

27 April 2020
dessert à l'eau de rose

The delicate scent of roses is the one preferred by Rose et  Marius. This is why we have decided to share with you its delicate taste in a dessert as simple as it is refined: panacotta with rose water. Ingredients: For 6 persons : 250ml liquid cream 250ml semi skimmed milk 4 gelatin sheets 70g sugar 2 tablespoons Thiercelin rose water (the choice of rose water is very essential) 5 juicy strawberries   Let’s go ! Put the gelatin to� Lire la suite

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Summer cod cooked in a fig leaf

21 April 2020
Summer fish

What if we decided to invite summer to our table? Today a tasty, light and fast recipe. At Rose et Marius, we love the delicate fragrance of fig leaves. It is even part of our logo and many of our fragrance collections pay tribute  to it. The fig trees in the garden are now adorned with their tender green leaves, which inspired us for this recipe. We decided to use them as a stewing method. So that these green and� Lire la suite

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French style tomatoes stuffed with basil

18 April 2020
tomates farcies au basilic

Today  : a classic french recipe, very simple and tasty. But revisited by Rose and Marius! Stuffed vegetables are widely used in Mediterranean cuisine. We are going to honor pineapple tomatoes and basil in this recipe that smells good of the sun. Let’s go for the recipe for pineapple tomatoes stuffed with basil. Have you heard about  pineapple tomatoes? The tomato ‘Pineapple’ is a variety of old tomato, from the United States (Kentucky), where it is called Solanum lycopersicum ‘Pineapple’.� Lire la suite

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Amazing TI-PUNCH from Provence

21 April 2020
le ti punch de Rose et Marius

What if you put flowers in your Ti Punch? Find below our original and delicious recipe for this cocktail revisited by Rose et Marius. And Made in Provence, of course! An unique blend! Petals of roses, lavender, mauve, leaves of peppermint, verbena and lemongrass will naturally flavor your Ti Punch. We will give you the recipe of our favorite cocktail made from our homemade herbal tea which uses these natural plants and flowers. Ingredients: 6cl white rum 180grs of white� Lire la suite

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Delicious rosemary flowers ‘meringues’

21 April 2020
les recettes du confinement

Today  the rosemary flowers are perfuming the air of our garden with their intense scent. It gave us the idea to create for you a very special recipe, which would honor them. It is very simple, delicious and full of sun. This desert can match perfectly with your tea or coffee or be a sunny dessert that will surprise your taste buds… Ingredients : For 4/6 people -A branch of rosemary in bloom. If you don’t have flowers, use 20� Lire la suite