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Rose water panacotta

27 April 2020
dessert à l'eau de rose

The delicate scent of roses is the one preferred by Rose et  Marius. This is why we have decided to share with you its delicate taste in a dessert as simple as it is refined: panacotta with rose water.


For 6 persons :

250ml liquid cream

250ml semi skimmed milk

4 gelatin sheets

70g sugar

2 tablespoons Thiercelin rose water (the choice of rose water is very essential)

5 juicy strawberries


Let’s go !

Put the gelatin to soak in cold water.

Reserve 50 ml of cream in which you will mix the 5 strawberries.

Heat the milk, the 200ml of cream in a saucepan, with the sugar. Stir until the sugar is dissolved. Over low heat, until simmering.

Remove from fire

Wring out the gelatin and incorporate it into the milk / cream / sugar mixture. Add the mixed strawberry cream and rose water.

Stir well with a whisk until the mixture is very even.

Pour into ramekins (or in a  Rose et  Marius precious handmade tumbler see Photo), leave to set overnight in the refrigerator.

When ready to serve, decorate with a rose petal or a slice of fresh strawberry.

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