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Delicious rosemary flowers ‘meringues’

21 April 2020
les recettes du confinement

Today  the rosemary flowers are perfuming the air of our garden with their intense scent. It gave us the idea to create for you a very special recipe, which would honor them.

It is very simple, delicious and full of sun.

This desert can match perfectly with your tea or coffee or be a sunny dessert that will surprise your taste buds…

Ingredients :

For 4/6 people

-A branch of rosemary in bloom. If you don’t have flowers, use 20 needles.

-2 egg whites

-120 grs of sugar

Let’s go !

Preheat your oven to 120C.

Beat with your beater, the egg whites and 100 grams of sugar. Add to the preparation, ten rosemary flowers (or twenty needles if you don’t have  flowers).

Once the mixture is firm, gently add the remaining 20 grams of sugar using a spatula.

On your plate, cut a sheet of baking paper. Deposit with a teaspoon, a spoon full of the preparation. Try to keep a regularity in the form and the quantity put on the paper. Separate them by at least 3centimeters.

Bake 35 minutes.

And enjoy!

Rosemary, a plant with a thousand virtues

We use at Rose et Marius, this aromatic Mediterranean plant for its intense notes that smell of Provence. But did you know that since Antiquity rosemary has been adopted for its medicinal properties?

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