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French style tomatoes stuffed with basil

18 April 2020
tomates farcies au basilic

Today  : a classic french recipe, very simple and tasty. But revisited by Rose and Marius! Stuffed vegetables are widely used in Mediterranean cuisine. We are going to honor pineapple tomatoes and basil in this recipe that smells good of the sun. Let’s go for the recipe for pineapple tomatoes stuffed with basil.

Have you heard about  pineapple tomatoes?

The tomato ‘Pineapple’ is a variety of old tomato, from the United States (Kentucky), where it is called Solanum lycopersicum ‘Pineapple’. The skin of the ‘Pineapple’ tomatoes is fine and the flesh is firm, dense (even a little hard), fleshy and tender. The flavor is sweet, fruity, juicy and very fragrant.

It is often used in salads, but we will use it for these stuffed tomatoes which will give them a unique taste.


For 6 persons

Allow 1 to 2 pineapple tomatoes per person (or beef heart failing)

1 Shallot, 3 large cloves of garlic, 1 small yellow onion

600 grams of butcher stuffing

100 grams of pine nuts

2 eggs

Bunch of fresh basil

100 grams of black Camargue rice (for us the best is this)

Salt, pepper, cumin

A dash of Provence olive oil from the Bastide du Laval

Let’s go !

Bring the salted water to the boil for the rice. Once brought to a boil, cook the rice for 35 minutes.

Preheat your oven to 180C.

Wash the tomatoes gently, dry them. Carefully cut the upper part and seed (without piercing the skin) the flesh and the seeds so as to create a nice regular cylinder using a grapefruit spoon. Leave about half a centimeter of flesh around the edges.

Keep the removed flesh and seeds in the fridge for reuse in a tomato sauce recipe (we will post ours soon!)

Salt the inside of the tomatoes and turn them over so that they know their water.

Brown the shallot in a frying pan. Once golden, put the stuffing, press the garlic and roughly cut everything with the edge of your wooden spoon. Once the stuffing is golden, turn off the heat. Let cool a little and add to the stuffing: cumin (generously), pine nuts, cooked rice (well drained), the bouquet of finely chopped basil and 2 previously beaten eggs. Taste and adjust the seasoning with salt and freshly ground pepper.

Fill the tomatoes with a small spoon and bake on a baking sheet.

Cook for 25 minutes. Just before serving put a dash of olive oil on the stuffing and accompany with a basil leaf for presentation.

Bon appétit !