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In Paris, find Rose et Marius at the ‘Bon Marché’

27 October 2020

What better setting could Rose and Marius dream of? Le Bon Marché, the LVMH Group’s department store is located at 24 rue de Sèvres in the 6th district of Paris. It is, for us, quite simply the most beautiful Parisian store. Its sophisticated and exclusive selection can now count with Rose and Marius perfumes and gift ideas. Our collection of Rosé Wine perfumes … is in the spotlight. Meet our iconic scent through our just launched Hydro Alcoholic Rosé Wine… Lire la suite

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Discover the first Haute parfumerie Rosé wine fragrance !

21 June 2020
les parfums rose et marius au vin rosé

Rose et Marius, a house of exceptional fragrances from Aix en Provence, magnifies Art of living in Provence through unique olfactory creations. All summer Rose et Marius showcases its iconic rosé wine perfume in Aix en Provence, in collaboration with 4 great vintages selected for the occasion. Rosé wine and Rose et Marius: a love story! The glasses that clink glasses, under the arbor in summer. The laughter which bursts under the plane trees of the country house. What better… Lire la suite

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What is the best natural shampoo?

27 April 2020
Shampooing au vin rosé

Using natural products for your body is not a fad. But a real awareness. The importance of taking care of yourself with products that make us feel good (and make us beautiful!). At Rose et Marius, from the start, we have never compromised with the quality and provenance of our raw materials. Natural and handcrafted in France, our products are a true concentrate of Provence excellence. After the body collections, we wanted to complete our collection, to take care of… Lire la suite

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Summer cod cooked in a fig leaf

21 April 2020
Summer fish

What if we decided to invite summer to our table? Today a tasty, light and fast recipe. At Rose et Marius, we love the delicate fragrance of fig leaves. It is even part of our logo and many of our fragrance collections pay tribute  to it. The fig trees in the garden are now adorned with their tender green leaves, which inspired us for this recipe. We decided to use them as a stewing method. So that these green and… Lire la suite

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Delicious rosemary flowers ‘meringues’

21 April 2020
les recettes du confinement

Today  the rosemary flowers are perfuming the air of our garden with their intense scent. It gave us the idea to create for you a very special recipe, which would honor them. It is very simple, delicious and full of sun. This desert can match perfectly with your tea or coffee or be a sunny dessert that will surprise your taste buds… Ingredients : For 4/6 people -A branch of rosemary in bloom. If you don’t have flowers, use 20… Lire la suite

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In love with…. mimosa !

10 May 2020
mimosa rose et Marius

As a house of exceptional perfumes from the Haute Parfumerie, Rose et Marius loves the flowers. And we are big fans of mimosa! It’s the first flower of the year. A real little winter sun. This is why, today, we will let you know all about mimosa Contrary to popular belief The mimosa is not from Grasse or Bormes-les-Mimosas. It was not until the end of the 19th century that the Provencals discovered this strange shrub that botanists call “Acacia… Lire la suite

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Made in Provence

29 April 2020
vive le made in Provence

Traveling in Provence. It means discovering exceptional sites, visiting villages, sharing our unique Art of Living. But it also means meeting passionate craftsmen. And live new experiences. Like making your own calissons, creating your perfume with the scent of Provence, understanding the secrets of making Marseille soap or admiring the work of santon craftsmen. They are 1835! Gilder, upholsterer, embroiderer … The Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region has 1,835 of these artisans with an extra soul. They have been around for centuries.… Lire la suite