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Made in Provence

29 April 2020
vive le made in Provence

Traveling in Provence. It means discovering exceptional sites, visiting villages, sharing our unique Art of Living.

But it also means meeting passionate craftsmen.

And live new experiences. Like making your own calissons, creating your perfume with the scent of Provence, understanding the secrets of making Marseille soap or admiring the work of santon craftsmen.

They are 1835!

Gilder, upholsterer, embroiderer … The Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region has 1,835 of these artisans with an extra soul.

They have been around for centuries. Yet today they have been forgotten. We expose them, we visit their workshops every year. During the Heritage Days dedicated to them in April. But we forget a little easily that the crafts represent a real sector of activity which weighs in the economy.

A craft, but what is it?

Choice of a material. Respect for the object. Transmission of knowledge from generation to generation.Intelligence of the clothing industry … the artistic professions carry strong values ​​which meet the expectations of the public which is moving away more and more from standardized products.

These professions are the result of the passion and know-how of professionals who endeavor to communicate their enthusiasm for their activity. Sometimes overlooked by the general public.
There are 281 trades in the arts and crafts, divided into 16 sectors: furniture and decoration, metal, glass and crystal, ceramics, fashion and accessories …

A label to distinguish these exceptional craftsmen

These trades of excellence are an integral part of the considerable economic and cultural heritage of the territory that the Chamber of Trades and Crafts of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region (CMAR PACA) wishes to highlight.

The craftsmen are above all passionate. Who all have in common the mastery of a traditional know-how which allows them to create, restore or conserve works and works of art. Mostly unique pieces or small series.

Since March 2013, the craftsmen of the territory are distinguished thanks to the promotion label “Métiers d’art Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur”. This label was created to identify the industry. And to translate the creativity, the know-how and the excellence of the authentic “Made in Provence”. It is made available to qualified professionals in the art trades by CMAR PACA for better recognition of this sector by the general public.

Being an art craftsman is above all:

Apply complex know-how to transform the material.

Produce unique objects or small series that have an artistic character.

Be a professional who masters his profession in its entirety.

The official mention “Artisan d’art” meets strict criteria. Which are established at national level. But artisans can still work in this area without being holders.

In the wax category …

Rose et Marius was very honored to have been chosen to carry these values. In fact, in 2017 we obtained this precious label of artisans of art in the ‘waxier’ category for our exceptional scented candles.

The crafts are the heritage of know-how preciously developed over the centuries. This intangible heritage is part of our culture. Participate in the dynamism of the territory and contributes to the influence of France abroad.

Professionals in the arts and crafts work for the conservation and restoration of this heritage, and CMAR PACA supports them in this process.

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