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In love with…. mimosa !

10 May 2020
mimosa rose et Marius

As a house of exceptional perfumes from the Haute Parfumerie, Rose et Marius loves the flowers. And we are big fans of mimosa! It’s the first flower of the year. A real little winter sun. This is why, today, we will let you know all about mimosa

Contrary to popular belief

The mimosa is not from Grasse or Bormes-les-Mimosas. It was not until the end of the 19th century that the Provencals discovered this strange shrub that botanists call “Acacia dealbata”. And that is covered with little yellow pompoms in the middle of winter.

At the origins

Native to Australia, the mimosa was discovered by the English (thank you Captain Cook ?). Who then introduced it to the French coast while coming to spend their holidays there. Very demanding, the mimosa has found on the Côte d’Azur and the Atlantic coast the dry and hot summers and mild winters that it likes. Very quickly, the winter mimosa became a real phenomenon. And throughout its flowering period, it keeps spring waiting in style.

His characteristics

Magnificent during their flowering period, the mimosa flower gives off a totally addictive powdery scent which makes this shrub one of the most interesting varieties of winter.

The mimosa flower is a flower that smells good but which is unfortunately not as successful as a rose, jasmine or orange blossom. IO must ire that it is a very fragile flower, which once picked it lasts only a few days. The two main varieties are the “mirandole” which blooms in November and December and the later “Gallic” which blooms from the end of December until February depending on the exhibitions.

The Secret Ingredient of Perfumers

The glowing, fragrant gold ‘pompoms’ of the Côte d’Azur mimosas fade with the last winter days. But a second life sometimes awaits them in the stills of perfumers in Grasse.

Mimosa remains a pillar of perfumers. It can become the secret ingredient of a perfume. The heady smell of mimosa, which has fallen into disuse since its glory years from the 50s to the 70s, is used today in very small doses.

The product turns out to be expensive for perfumers, who also have synthetic products close to natural mimosa. The cheaper mimosa from India, which arrives directly at Grasse in the form of “concrete”. The wild mimosa of the surroundings must however be transformed on the day of its picking, because the flowers quickly fade.

At Rose et Marius, we have designed a unisex fragrance. Bewitching. Made with incense, rosewood and … mimosa! Which brings a touch of incomparable delicacy. Discover our fragrance A stroll under the oratory

The 1001 uses of mimosa.

The mimosa… is eaten (only the flower, the rest of the plant is poisonous!) And is drunk !! Below our favorites:

mimosa cocktail

Mimosa syrup

Mimosa jelly

In essential oil, it helps reduce anxiety, improve sleep. It is also antiseptic, depurative, anti-inflammatory.

Did you know ?

In the symbolism of flowers, it is the emblem of security, certainty and friendship. The mimosa would also have the power to promote prophetic dreams. It would suffice for this to place in his pillow two or three twigs laden with flowers.

Our favorite walks

And now, set off to explore it! Go for a stroll under the golden mimosas and get drunk on its delicate fragrance.

Below, our favorite walks:

Hike in the heart of mimosa in Mandelieu
The mimosa road in Sainte-Maxime
The road from mimosa to Tanneron

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