La vie en Rose... and Marius

In Paris, find Rose et Marius at the ‘Bon Marché’

27 October 2020

What better setting could Rose and Marius dream of? Le Bon Marché, the LVMH Group’s department store is located at 24 rue de Sèvres in the 6th district of Paris. It is, for us, quite simply the most beautiful Parisian store. Its sophisticated and exclusive selection can now count with Rose and Marius perfumes and gift ideas.

Our collection of Rosé Wine perfumes …

is in the spotlight. Meet our iconic scent through our just launched Hydro Alcoholic Rosé Wine Gel. So that barrier measures become a pleasure!

But also find our soaps, liquid soaps, eau de parfum, solid perfume and scented candles!

Exclusive gift ideas

We also offer unique gift ideas for all budgets. Made in Provence. Rechargeable. Crafts that have obtained the precious Label of Artisans of Art! and tailor-made. Indeed, from December 10, you can come and have your scented soap or solid perfume engraved for free.

Antoine and Armelle are eager to introduce you to our exclusive collections from Haute Parfumerie de Provence!