Craftsmen of Provence

Do you like citrus scents?

23 October 2020
Parfum à l'orangerie

At Rose et Marius we cherish the freshness and subtlety of the Hesperidae family. This family, inspired by Greek mythology. The Hesperides were the nymphs who kept the golden apple … an orange! And which gave its name to the family of citrus-based perfumes.

Each Rose et Marius fragrance tells a unique moment in the Art of Living in Provence.
For our eau de Parfum “A morning at the orangery” we invite you for a unique olfactory walk in our orangery in Provence.

And come and live with us life in Rose… and Marius.

Once upon a time

Sometimes a life hangs on a childhood memory, a few smells. “A morning at the orangery” evokes the freshness that scented in the orangery, the mandarin trees laden with colored fruit and conveyed the air of unexpected freshness. While mingling with the liveliness of citrus zest, the delicacy of Provence-scented orange blossoms and the warmth of the sun entering through the bay windows ”

In the light of a winter morning in Provence, the scent of orange blossoms awakens and gives us an intoxicating spectacle. Freshness, audacity and liveliness characterize this extremely subtle fragrance.

Exceptional raw materials

This exceptional eau de parfum “A morning at the orangery” is delicately enhanced by the
Bergamot from Sicily and orange from Brazil, this colorful fragrance shares with us a velvety velvety vanilla Absolue from Madagascar and tonka bean from Brazil… For you, in this creation: all the finest materials of the Haute Parfumerie de Grasse.

Multiple declination!

Rose et Marius offers you a whole collection to match your “A morning at the orangery” eau de parfum. Candle, solid soap, liquid soap and solid perfume.

Make your choice ! And for our friends from the South, come and visit us in our Aixoise Shop at 3 rue Thiers to discover all our intoxicating fragrances! 🙂