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Tasting a rosé wine from Provence 🍷

7 February 2023
verre de vin rose en provence

The art of living in Provence

Provence is famous for its bright and fruity rosé wines. Rosé wine is often associated with simplicity and the Provencal art of living, as well as with conviviality and sharing.

It is here, during a simple and joyful lunch, that the art of living in Provence is displayed with elegance.

The tasting of a glass of rosé wine typical of the region reminds us of these privileged moments, where fruity and woody fragrances mingle with the scents of summer in Provence. A moment of relaxation, conviviality and sharing, captured in the gustatory memory of each one.

The refinement and elegance of Provence can be savored with the crystalline laughter and the clinking of glasses under the sunny arbour.

‘A rosé wine under the arbour’.

At Rose et Marius we are lovers of the Art of Living in Provence, and that is why for the past 10 years we have wanted to capture the spirit of a rosé wine under the arbour in a perfume that has become our signature scent.

Of course our perfume does not smell like rosé wine! But we have tasted our rosé wines of Provence and have worked the gustatory notes into olfactory notes!

Thus, the sweet scents of nature mingle with the fruity and woody flavors of a typical rosé wine from this region. Inspired by the art of living in Provence, it will transport you into a luxurious and refreshing universe, where conviviality and sharing are the key words.

Let yourself be carried away by the scents of a summer in Provence, thanks to this unique and unforgettable perfume by Rose et Marius.

This perfume has become a bestseller in France and internationally and has even been chosen by Emmanuel Macron at the Elysée Palace but also in many exceptional places and hotels that collaborate with the House of Rose et Marius to offer their customers an unforgettable olfactory souvenir of Provence.

It has become the signature perfume of Rose et Marius for over 10 years.

Want to smell the rosé wine?

“Un vin rosé sous la tonnelle”, is an ideal perfume for those who love the fruity scents caused by juicy grapes, tangy wild strawberries and sun-drenched blackberries that rises thanks to the warmth of tropical Asian patchouli and the creaminess of Indian sandalwood for an unparalleled refinement.

This is why we have carefully selected the best AOP wine estates in Provence to create a perfume.

For even more pleasure, “Un vin rosé sous la tonnelle” is available in eau de parfum (and a travel size to take it everywhere with you), spray, solid perfume, soap and shower gel! And always made with love in Provence by our talented craftsmen 🙂

Rosé wine to your home!

Yes, we’ve thought of everything!

The fragrance ‘Un vin rosé sous la tonnelle’ is also available for the home. You can find it in scented candles, mini scented candles, alcohol-free perfume diffusers and indoor sprays.

Note that most of our collections are refillable to limit our impact on the environment.

You want to discover everything?

Then we have concocted for you a home box and a body box!

The opportunity to discover everything, and to make your own opinion on ‘Un vin rosé sous la tonnelle’!

Click to discover the home box

Click to discover the body box

After testing these boxes, Rose et Marius will have no more secrets for you!

Our luxury rosé wine collection travels!

Rose et Marius is used to collaborate with the highest places of exception such as the Elysee Palace, 5* hotels, the best restaurants in the world, or the Château de Versailles.

It is in these exceptional places that our rosé wine collection travels.

A gift idea? And why not a wine tourism activity?

Wine tourism is more than an activity, it is above all a real moment of sharing.

You want to do wine tourism in Aix-en-Provence?

Indeed, Rose et Marius offers many experiences in the store and especially workshops that are a good idea for a bachelorette party, a team building workshop, a company privatization or for wine lovers!

NEW : the workshop Accord wines & perfumes with rosé wine from Provence.

This workshop is a unique opportunity to discover our rosé wine perfume, to taste our 3 favorite rosé wines (one for each AOP) and to play a blind test to find the olfactory notes of each of these wines and to try to find the rosé wine that inspired us to create our best seller rosé wine perfume.

As a gift: leave with our 100g rosé wine soap, engraved with your name!

Our workshop is an opportunity to visit Provence differently!

They are available in French or English.

To make an appointment for your team building, seminars, customer gifts, EVJF … you can visit the website or by phone at 09 82 59 35 35

We look forward to sharing our passion with you!