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The famous garlic paste recipe from Provence

30 April 2020
la recette de l'aioli

Today it’s aioli! Without doubt the most famous recipe from the traditional Provence cuisine. The aioli is the name of the garlic and olive oil sauce that gives the dish its name. But we love to use it in a thousand and one ways. We will explain everything to you !


For 6 persons

For the preparation of the sauce:

15 garlic cloves

2 egg yolks

30cl olive oil

1.5 teaspoons of vinegar

Salt and pepper from the mill

For support

1 kilo of cod fillet

10 carrots

10 medium-sized special steamed potatoes

300g green beans

6 hard boiled eggs

fresh basil

Let’s go :

Peel the garlic cloves, and pound them in a mortar until a puree is obtained. First add the vinegar (1.5 teaspoons). Then the egg yolks. Pour the olive oil in a drizzle, always turning the pestle in the same direction. Add salt and pepper. The aioli sauce is ready when your pestle is straight in the sauce.

Preparation of the side dish: Poach the cod for 20 minutes in simmering water. Cook the vegetables: 30 minutes the carrots and the potatoes (or 10 minutes in the pressure cooker).

In the classic recipe, the eggs are hard (9 minutes of cooking in boiling water), but we prefer the calves. If you too prefer the flowing yolk then cook the eggs for only 6 minutes.

For green beans, they must be very crunchy. Allow 3 minutes of cooking time in the pressure cooker or 15 minutes in more traditional cooking in the pan.

Presentation of the complete dish: present the vegetables and fish in a large dish. Present the aioli in another small dish and chop the fresh basil.

Variation of use of aioli sauce:

You can also use this sauce as an aperitif. Present in a colorful dish crunchy raw vegetables (fennel, carrots, celery, red and yellow peppers detailed in strips) to dip in this very spicy and fragrant sauce. And leave for Provence!

If you have a little dry bread to cut it into thin slices you will spend a few minutes in a hot oven. Once these slices are hot, serve them as an aperitif with the spread aioli.

Garlic and its health benefits

This recipe is very tasty, but also excellent for health. Indeed if the garlic is especially known to make flee the vampires … and his lover! it is full of virtues for your health. Discover all of its properties here.