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Long live crafts!

29 April 2020
Artisans d'exception

Our goal at Rose et Marius: to embellish your daily life! This is why the excellence of French know-how is at the heart of our commitments. We value crafts that are passed on from generation to generation to offer you the best and make you live la vie en Rose … et Marius😉

The label of art craftsmen

The arts and crafts movement was born in France at the end of the 19th century. It is used to reward craftsmen who excel in their category. Since then, the Chamber of Trades has taken up the torch. And each year this tradition continues and awards this prize of excellence.

Rose et Marius was honored to receive the title of craftsmen of Art. The whole team was touched by this, because the search for craft excellence is at the heart of our commitment to you and the promotion of Made in Provence.