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Ecology: we are committed … with you!

10 May 2020

It’s no coincidence that Rose et Marius decided to get involved. Sustainable Development aims at economic development while preserving our environment. And that’s at the heart of our values. Here’s why :

This is not a scoop: at Rose et Marius we are crazy, crazy lovers, of our region, Provence.

Wild and preserved.

Pur beautiful coast is exceptional. Wild and preserved. This is why, when terrible fires ravaged the Blue Coast in 2016, we wanted to act.

Indeed, we consider that ecology is the most precious heritage that we must pass on to future generations. This is why, Rose et Marius committed themselves by planting on the commune of Ensues the Restores of trees. These hardwoods improve the ecosystem of wildlife and fire-resistant trees such as olive trees, strawberry trees …

These trees are planted by students from neighboring schools. In order to raise their awareness of ecology and educate them on the importance of respecting nature.

For each of Rose et Marius’ customers, spending at least € 120, we plant a tree in their name so that they can participate in this collective effort.

To know more :

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