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To stop COVID-19: let’s wash our hands!

21 April 2020
COVID 19 se laver les mains

For the past few weeks, the COVID-19 epidemic has raged around the world. Barrier measures must be adopted to prevent the spread of the epidemic. The first of these is simple and effective: wash your hands regularly with soap.

Frequency of use

Whatever brand you choose, remember to wash your hands:

– as soon as you cough / sneeze,

-when you pet your pet,

-Before eating and leaving

-and of course if you were to go shopping outside.

Artisanal know-how

We bring you to a journey in the heart of the Provence of Rose et Marius. This will allow you to discover a multitude of sources of natural ingredients used to make our handmade soaps.

All our soaps are made in our Provence workshops, handmade. The ingredients that go into their composition (olive oil, poppy oil, olive leaf extracts, exfoliators …) are 100%natural. Our perfumes are exclusive and from the Haute Parfumerie de Grasse.

To recognize our soaps: easy!  They are all engraved with our iconic cement tile patterns.

Solid soaps

Our scented natural soaps are cold saponified. They are perfectly adapted to the size of the hand. They come in 7 fragrances to match our Eau de Parfum. Our soaps are made in our workshops in Provence. They are 97% natural ingredients, palm oil free and enriched with poppy oil. Their nourishing and regenerating properties guarantee you to gently cleanse your skin with an incomparable silky foam.

Liquid soaps

We prefer liquid soaps to foaming gels which are much more chemical and aggressive for the skin. Our liquid soaps can be used for both showering and hand washing. Our recipe is kept secret ? But we can tell you that they are made with 97% natural ingredients from Provence, based on olive oil and olive leaves and of course without paraben.

Each fragrance is inspired by a moment in the life of Rose et Marius in Provence. Find your favorite Perfume Eau de Parfum in your liquid and / or solid soap ?


Hope to meet again soon in Aix en Provence. When this virus will only be a bad memory.

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