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Patchouli in perfumery

19 October 2020
Patchouli in perfumery

The Aix house of Rose et Marius high perfumery, is keen to share its raw materials as you have never smelled them. A perfume that suits us allows us to assert ourselves.

Besides, do you know what patchouli invokes in perfumery?

A woody fragrance

Patchouli is a plant with broad, velvety leaves, about one meter high, this aromatic herb is part of the Lamiaceae family.

Widely used in the formulation of perfumes, patchouli has a powerful smell, at the same time woody, earthy and dry with smoky accents. Only its amber color is indicative of the warmth it contains.

In other words, if you are looking for a discreet fragrance, go your way!

Patchouli has character and isn’t afraid to show it. Its heart becomes smoother on contact with sandalwood and vetiver. Vanilla and tonka bean further amplify this effect while the whole ends with a wilder and seductive base of white musk and balms.

Where does patchouli come from?

Plant native to tropical Asia, particularly Indonesia and Malaysia. It is also cultivated in many other regions: China, Philippines, India, Seychelles, Madagascar, South America…

How is it used?

Patchouli is one of the most widely used natural raw materials in perfumery along with citrus fruits. Once distilled with water vapor for about 8 hours, the essential oil must age for several months in barrels to lose its bitterness.

The fresh plant has no scent, it is only after the fermentation phase that it declares an odor, when the leaves are dried, preferably in the shade.

And Rose and Marius in all of this?

Since the origin of Rose and Marius, we have never compromised with the quality and origin of our raw materials. Natural and handcrafted in France, our products are a true concentrate of Provence excellence.

Each Rose et Marius fragrance recounts a unique moment in the Provencal art of living, as does our exceptional eau de parfum “A Lunch Under the Arbor”.

We find the heart of Patchouli from Indonesia in an olfactory note.

This intoxicating fragrance, just as powerful and essential for oriental and woody accords. Will take you on an olfactory journey of Provence.

We invite you to visit our shop to discover our perfumes enhanced with Patchouli! 🙂