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Spices in perfumery

10 December 2020
Spices in perfumery

Rose et Marius, Aix-en-Provence house of exceptional perfumes, sublimates Provence through exclusive olfactory creations. The unique exceptional raw materials we use come from Haute Parfumerie. Spices can give facets that are as unexpected as they are elegant. That’s why we love to use them in our designs. Pepper from India, cardamom, saffron or even pink berries from Brazil, a real scented world tour.

But do you know all the spices that are used in perfumery ? We explain everything to you !

Indian pepper

Today, the main pepper producing countries are India, Indonesia, Brazil, Madagascar and Malaysia.

The pepper plant is a climbing plant that can bear fruit for 20 years. It takes the form of a vine and can grow to 10 meters. Its fruits grow in bunches of 10 cm on average.

Black pepper has a frank and spicy aroma, nevertheless it is subtly spicy, delicately spicy and with great freshness. In other words, if you are looking for a humble scent, go your way, Indian pepper can make your scent assertive.

We find this spice with peppery accords, just as powerful and essential in our “Un bain de soleil avec Marius” or “Une flânerie sous l’oratoire”.


Native to Sri Lanka and South India, the powerful and delicate cardamom of its fragrance never ceases to fascinate perfumers. Today cardamom belongs to spicy notes, it exudes its frank and refined notes in many scents, both male and female.

Legend has it that Cleopatra, very in love with Marc-Antoine, used to burn cardamom perfumes before her romantic dates.

Cardamom is present in our perfume “Un bain de soleil avec Marius”, after distillation, the essential oil diffuses an essential freshness. Impossible not to go unnoticed!

Brazilian pink berries

These spices are the fruit of schinus molle. This tree from the Anacardiaceae family grows mainly in South America. Like the leaves of the tree, the berries give off an intense spicy aroma.

Pink pepper has a fairly sweet scent, almost sweet at first, then aromatic, spicy and hot.

Very present on Reunion Island, pink berries are recognized as a spice, with a peppery, spicy and slightly anise flavor. In perfumery we use the essential oil of pink berries, obtained by distillation.

Our iconic eau de parfum “Un vin rosé sous la tonnelle” will not leave you indifferent with its warm notes associated with the heart accord of patchouli.


Originally from Greece, saffron is now cultivated throughout the French Mediterranean basin. Saffron has a spicy smell but with a coppery, even tarry side.

There are now even plantations in our Dear Provence!

The scents that use saffron are unmistakably scents of character. Dosed with subtlety, it gives the fragrance a spicy facet that stands out and brings a touch of preciousness. You can find it in the unisex eau de parfum which has just been released: Un Rendez-vous avec Cézanne.

A scented world tour

Since the origin of Rose et Marius in 2012, the quality and origin of our raw materials has been at the heart of our approach. To offer you the best, nothing but the best !

Our ultimate goal ? Take you on a journey through atypical fragrances!

Come and discover our creations in the heart of our shop in Aix en Provence or at Bon Marché in Paris.

Good plan :

If you cannot come, do not hesitate to order samples from our e-shop: we will reimburse you for any purchase of a 100ml Eau de Parfum.