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COVID-19: Our e-shop remains open

5 May 2020

51. We have been confined for 51 days. It seems very long sometimes but it is an opportunity to take care of us and our interior. Who better than Rose et Marius to pamper you? This is why we decided to remain our e-shop open during this very special period.

Beautify your daily life

What could be better than a scented candle to feel good and see life in Rose … et Marius;)? Compose your own candle with a Rose et Marius tumbler in fine Limoges porcelain enhanced with gold or platinum. Then choose your refill of scented candle, among 24 fragrances from Haute Parfumerie de Grasse. Choose your favorite model here. Once finished, your Rose et Marius candle can be recharged as desired: put it in the dishwasher and reload it with our refills of scented candles; all the selection here.

Little extra: when lit, your Rose and Marius candle will become translucent thanks to our porcelain, which is so fine and delicate. Nothing could be more comforting!

Perfume your interior

We suggest you to perfume your interior with our refillable and alcohol-free diffusers. Indeed, each composition is a recipe developed by our workshop based on ORGANIC oils. Our exclusive fragrances from the Haute Parfumerie will leave pleasant scents that will olfactively sign your interior.

Wash your hands in style

Barrier gestures are vital and we must now get into the habit of washing our hands regularly. We offer solid scented soaps and liquid soaps that will not dry your hands, even after multiple washing. Indeed, we use olive oil, poppy oil so that the foam is smooth and hydrating. Of course, our soaps are natural, and handmade, with love, in Provence.

Take good care of yourself !