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When dance meets Haute Parfumerie de Provence ✨

28 June 2024

Rose et Marius, house of Haute Parfumerie de Provence, certified Artisan d’Art since 2017, has been a key partner of Aix-en-Provence culture for 12 years, passionately committed to new artistic adventures.

Captivated by the world of Art, Magali, founder of Rose et Marius, has long been seduced by the world of Preljocaj Ballet.

On July 4 at 6.30pm, the Preljocaj Ballet will offer an exceptional performance in front of the Rose et Marius boutique, located at 3 Rue Thiers, Aix-en-Provence. For the occasion, the storefront will be transformed into an open-air stage, creating the setting for a dazzling show. Passers-by, guests and customers are invited to discover this unprecedented artistic fusion between Rose et Marius and Angelin Preljocaj creation.

This collaboration will offer a new perspective on the world of Haute Parfumerie de Provence and dance, demonstrating the importance of synergies between artistic disciplines. The performance in front of the boutique will be a highlight, celebrating the union of elegance and movement, and promising an unforgettable sensory experience for all spectators.

Rose et Marius created an iconic fragrance 12 years ago, inspired by the creator’s favorite rosé wine tasting.
We offer a wide range of custom perfume creation workshops, as well as personalized perfume diffusers, and we’ve also created a workshop featuring rosé wine tasting and a blind-test, which we invite you to discover free of charge after the show.