La vie en Rose... and Marius

Let’s have fun with barrier measures !

15 October 2020
gel Hydro alcoolique au vin rosé

Because we live a very particular moment with the Covid Situation. Rose et Marius have decided to embellish your daily life! What if barrier measures became a pleasure?

This is what we offer you with our hand sanitizer scented with Rosé Wine!

Our iconic Rosé Wine Perfume

You probably know our Eau de Parfum ‘A rosé wine under the arbor‘? It’s our iconic fragrance. To create it, we have selected the finest materials from the Haute Parfumerie from Grasse. A blend of grapes, red fruits and precious woods. To name only 3 ingredients among the 26 that compose it! For the past few months, the COVID-19 epidemic is still present in the world. Barrier measures have been put in place to prevent the spread of the epidemic. One of them is simple and effective: disinfect your hands regularly.

Hand sanitizer to embellish your daily life!

This is brand new! We offer you our iconic Rose et Marius fragrance in rosé wine available in hydroalcoholic gel (dosed at 70% alcohol) This very aesthetic little bottle available in travel size (30ml), handbag (150ml) and also refillable bottle for the home (315ml). An original gift idea. To consume without moderation to face the Covid and to have fun.

A unique formulation

Try  its incredible texture ! It doesn’t stick.

Then admire it : powder pink in color, it is comforting. Its hot silver textured paper label uses the patterns of our famous cement tiles.

And especially its smell…  a pure moment of pleasure! Which will leave your hands soft and delicately scented.

All our hydroalcoholic gels are made in our workshops in Provence. The ingredients that go into their composition (Brazilian Rose berries, Guatemala cardamom, Tonka beans, etc.) are natural.

And with 70% alcohol, it is a very effective bactericide.

So let’s have fun now with barrier measures 🙂 And Enjoy your day!