On the roads of Provence

Our incredible fig tree fragrance !

17 February 2021
l'incroyable figuier de Rose et Marius

It is the story of a childhood memory that has become a cult perfume.

What if we tell you its story?

Once upon a time…

Magali who spent all her summers in the country house of her grandmother, Rose. She remembers the heat of summer in Provence. And the naps under the hundred-year-old fig tree. In the shade of the branches which bent under the weight of the leaves. And perfumed the air. With a hot, spicy, green smell. Bewitching.

A summer concentrate in these simple vegetal and sunny scents.

Several years later

When Magali wanted to share the olfactory memories of her childhood spent in Provence by creating Rose et Marius. Of course, the fig tree, which years, later became a true ‘Proust madeleine’, was one of the first  fragrances created.

Ollivier, the Rose et Marius’s Nose from Grasse created this exclusive fragrance. After 18 months of work,  Magali  finally exclaimed, tearfully: -‘Yes, that’s exactly the smell of my childhood, spent under the fig tree! ‘And so was born the iconic fig tree perfume by Rose et Marius.

Fig tree perfume for the home and the body

Which has been declined in 2 ways:

-For the home, with scented candles, refillable alcohol-free diffusers, scented spray, luxury scented candles.

-For the body of Niche Perfume Waters composed with a more complex formula that mixes with the green notes of the leaves and the sap of the fig tree, a bouquet of white flowers: tuberose, lily of the valley, hyacinth. In base notes, white musk and precious woods.

Also available in natural liquid soap. Made by our talented artisans in Provence. Unique formulation based on olive oil, poppy water. Also available in solid soap which takes up the patterns of the cement tiles, of this famous family country house in Provence.

An inexhaustible source of inspiration for Rose et Marius.

Good plan 🙂

We can’t wait to share this fragrance with you! Do not hesitate to order samples here, they will be refunded for any purchase of a 100ml bottle within the year!