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How do I refill my scented candles?

27 February 2021
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The time has come to stop the frenzied consumption of scented candles and to stop reusing our products. Mentalities are changing and that’s good! Since 2012 ROSE ET MARIUS has been committed to this approach by only offering rechargeable candles. We explain how to refill your scented candles.


Why refill your candles?

Stop wasting and long live reuse! Especially when the candle refill cup is so chic and refined.

Choose your timbale in fine Limoges porcelain , either enhanced with real gold or platinum. The same precious material as used for Haute Joaillerie. As such, our timbales have received the Artisans d’Art label for the Made in France quality of our luxury scented candles.

Then choose your scented candle refill among 30 exclusive fragrances from the Haute Parfumerie de Grasse.

How to refill your candle?

Remove the wax from its silicone cup. Then place the wax in your precious glass. When you light your candle, the cup will become translucent.

And off you go for 60 hours of fragrant scent!

However, if you would like to change fragrances without waiting for the end of your ROSE ET MARIUS scented candle, it is possible! Just place your candle in the fridge for a few hours. Then take it out and tap it lightly on the walls. The wax will come off and you can place it in the silicone cup. And refill your timbale with a new scented refill.

And what will be the candle fragrance of your winter? Here are our recommendations and suggestions from our fragrance diffusers, also refillable, to perfect the olfactory signature of your Home Sweet Home!