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Creative workshop in Aix en Provence

14 December 2021

Stimulate your creativity and live a new experience; this is what the House of High Perfumery Rose et Marius offers you. Indeed, in Aix en Provence, come and learn how to create your own perfume for the House. A creative workshop for adults and children from 8 years old.

Become a perfumer day

Expert in niche perfumes, the House of Rose et Marius puts its know-how, its passion, its expertise and its most beautiful raw materials from the Haute Parfumerie of Grasse at your service.

By offering you 2 workshops of perfume creation for the house so that you can create your own olfactory signature.

Make an appointment

Let’s go for an hour and a half of discovery, during this creative workshop in Aix en Provence. We will introduce you to 14 notes, which you will handle. We will teach you how to create a perfumed chord. Then it’s your turn to play! Put on your smock, your gloves and it’s up to you to compose your home perfume on a base of organic oils, without alcohol.

We also offer a workshop at 49€ to create your own perfume tile, which is accessible to children from 8 years old.

Workshops are also available in English. All information here.

Your creation

Will be kept in our shelves. So, when your perfume is finished, if you wish, you just have to contact us by email or by phone +33 (0)4 42 35 14 88 and we will reproduce, for you, your creation and will make it available to you at our boutique Rose et Marius at 3 rue Thiers in Aix en Provence, or we will send it to you in France or abroad.

And you, what are your favourite notes?