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How to buy a perfume without smelling it?

14 December 2021

An innovative widget

The perfumist is an innovative widget created in Provence (cocorico!) that allows you to simply enter your favourite perfume and that will analyse its olfactory characteristics to suggest the Rose et Marius perfume creation that is closest to it. You can try it here!

Samples to try before

We suggest you try your Rose et Marius perfume first. To do so, simply order your samples here. Take the time to try them at home and you have 1 year to decide! Indeed, when we send you the samples, we will include a Promo Code in your parcel that will allow you to be reimbursed for the amount of your samples for any purchase of a 100ml bottle.

Olfactory pyramid

Are you familiar with this perfumery term? The olfactory pyramid is the structure of the perfume. It consists of the top, middle and bottom notes.

Indeed, the ingredients of a perfume do not all have the same importance and the same persistence, depending on the tone you wish to give it. It is this composition, which varies from one perfume to another, that explains why the scent evolves throughout the day.

The three levels of the olfactory pyramid correspond to the different scents of a perfume, from the most evanescent to the most persistent. At the top of the pyramid are the top notes, which emanate from the bottle when it is uncorked or sprayed and are expressed in a fleeting but vivid explosion of scents. Then come the heart notes, which take longer to develop but are more persistent. And finally, the base notes, which are much more persistent: they will accompany you throughout your day or evening. These are all the more or less subtle notes that make up the composition of a perfume and reinforce or limit its attractiveness.

The more important the top notes are, the fresher and lighter the fragrance will be. Conversely, if the heart and base notes are more important, the perfume will be richer and more powerful.

On each of our perfumes’ product sheets, you will find, in addition to their history, the olfactory pyramid and the main raw materials of the Haute Parfumerie de Grasse that compose it. Do not hesitate to consult them as they give precious olfactory information. Here is the example of our Fig Tree Eau de Parfum.

Customer service at your disposal

The Rose et Marius team is above all a team of passionate people. At your service to help you buy your perfume without smelling it! And to answer all your questions.

Do not hesitate to contact us at +33 4 42 35 14 88 (office hours from Monday to Friday) or by email [email protected] and we will be happy to help you 🙂

See you soon!