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How about washing your hands with rosé wine?

22 April 2020
Vegan soap from France

Since the start of the COVID-19 epidemic, the injunction to implement barrier measures has been strong to stop the virus. Washing your hands becomes a gesture of health and citizenship. What if we put fun and originality in this action? what if we decided to wash our hands with rosé wine?

An iconic fragrance from South of France

At Rose et Marius, we create exceptional perfumes from the Haute Parfumerie from Grasse. Our emblematic perfume is the one we created with rosé wine. Our inspiration comes from this rosé wine which is our favorite And it is no coincidence. Because it is inspired by a strong moment of conviviality linked to the Art of Living in the South. So pleasant moment when we enjoy a glass of rosé wine in summer with our friends.

To create it, we decided to use grape and red fruit notes (like raspberries and wild strawberries) which are often aromatic notes present in the tasting of our favorite rosé wines. As base notes, we used notes of precious wood, to recall the aging in oak barrels. And the result is truly incredible.

This perfume is so successful that it has been available in Eau de Parfum, scented candle, interior perfume, body cream and of course in solid and liquid soap.

A natural, vegan and handmade soap

the composition our soap is a recipe kept secret … which nourishes your skin. To have a creamy foam and a delicate fragrance. What we can tell you is that its formulation is unique, especially based on poppy flower oil. Natural, vegan and made with love in Provence by our craftsmen!

Try it! and share with us your experience.