La vie en Rose... and Marius

Antoinette Poisson x Rose et Marius

10 May 2020
collaboration Rose et Marius et Antoinette poisson

Antoinette Poisson is an exceptional French craftsman. This house makes by hand, and with the same techniques as in the 18th century, wallpaper with a unique artistic rendering. After Gucci, Antoinette poisson collaborates with Rose et Marius.


Rose et Marius is a brand of exceptional perfumes but also of Lifestyle. Because it is the Art of Living in the South that guides all our creations. This is why we want to share with our customers creations such as: lighting, custom cement tiles, herbal tea and now unique wallpaper.

To dress the boudoir of our shop in Aix en Provence, we entrusted Antoinette Poisson with the creation of our wallpaper (called domino paper) to these exceptional craftsmen.

A unique creation

They imagined the ‘rose’ for the reference to the perfume and also to the first name of the Grand Mother of the designer intertwined with ‘fig leaves’ which are in the logo of our brand.

Each sheet is in a limited and numbered edition. You can get it here, or come and admire our boudoir at 3 rue Thiers in Aix en Provence.