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Tout savoir sur Herbal Teas

The French art of living

French people cultivate a passion for the art of living.

They love to be cultured, to spend hours at the table, to drink, to taste the gastronomy of our Chefs, to enjoy the passing of time, to stroll in the shops and to visit museums.

France is a country of celebration, freedom, conviviality and sharing.

But what exactly does the famous phrase "French art of living" mean? 

Is France a model?

France is often presented as a model when we talk about the arts of the table, gastronomy, aesthetics, refinement or elegance.

The French style or "French Touch” is inseparable from a lifestyle and a way of life for which we are internationally renowned.

In other words, it is a way of life and a way of seeing the world, of which here are some characteristics.

Rose et Marius is the quintessence of the Art de Vivre in Provence

We are a house of Haute Parfumerie, but not only that.

What we cultivate and what we share with you in our creations is a real Art de Vivre of Provence.

Whether it is in the decoration with our custom-made cement tiles, with the wallpaper in collaboration with Antoinette Poisson or our lamps that match our candle designs.

But also in the accessories to embellish your daily life, with our precious gold or silver jewels which take up the iconic designs of Rose et Marius.

And also with our dried flower bar, where we compose your bouquets of dried flowers made to measure (and that we perfume!), and of course with our homemade perfumed teas. 

Our aim is to make you see life in Rose...and Marius with unique and precious creations.

All made by hand and with love! By our talented craftsmen. 100% Made in France! And make your everyday life softer and more beautiful. 

Because being surrounded by beauty does you good! This is our credo at Rose et Marius.

La vie en Rose ... et Marius is also about spending hours at the table drinking and tasting the flavours of Provence from natural plants and flowers.

To put all our senses into action and transform these simple moments into everyday pleasures.

Rose et Marius herbal teas are exclusively scented with plants from Provence. Plants and flowers that we also use in our olfactory creations such as perfumes, liquid and solid soaps and candles.

The aromatic plants and flower petals that make up these two creations will take your taste buds on a gustatory journey to Provence.

Herbal tea Rose : with lemongrass, peppermint, lavender, Provencal verbena, roses and valerian, this tea will allow you to escape for a long trip to the South of France.

Herbal tea Marius : with badiane, liquorice, peppermint, green anise and olive tree of Provence, this tea takes us for an olfactory and gustatory journey in the heart of Provence.

We will be pleased to welcome you with a 'welcome drink' at the Rose et Marius shop in Aix en Provence, with one of these gustatory creations. In iced or hot version, depending on the season.

Use: for a one liter teapot, put the boiling water on a tablespoon full of the mixture and let it infuse for 5 minutes.

The benefits of herbal tea: The stars of winter and detox, herbal teas and infusions are now part of our daily lives.

At Rose et Marius we have chosen to share and taste our dear plants and flowers of Provence.

To be enjoyed as hot drinks or iced infusions, the pleasure of the taste buds is added to the many virtues.
Herbal tea helps digestion, relieves stress and anxiety and soothes sleep.

Drinking herbal tea promotes relaxation, it can be drunk at any time of the day after a heavy meal, at 4 o'clock for a snack, on waking or before going to sleep. Detox Made in Provence, guaranteed!

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