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February 2021

La vie en Rose... and Marius

How do I refill my scented candles?

27 February 2021
développement durable

The time has come to stop the frenzied consumption of scented candles and to stop reusing our products. Mentalities are changing and that’s good! Since 2012 ROSE ET MARIUS has been committed to this approach by only offering rechargeable candles. We explain how to refill your scented candles.   Why refill your candles? Stop wasting and long live reuse! Especially when the candle refill cup is so chic and refined. Choose your timbale in fine Limoges porcelain , either enhanced… Lire la suite

On the roads of Provence

Our incredible fig tree fragrance !

17 February 2021
l'incroyable figuier de Rose et Marius

It is the story of a childhood memory that has become a cult perfume. What if we tell you its story? Once upon a time… Magali who spent all her summers in the country house of her grandmother, Rose. She remembers the heat of summer in Provence. And the naps under the hundred-year-old fig tree. In the shade of the branches which bent under the weight of the leaves. And perfumed the air. With a hot, spicy, green smell. Bewitching.… Lire la suite

La vie en Rose... and Marius

Which fragrance to choose for your home in winter?

11 February 2021
Quel parfum choisir en hiver?

At this time between winter and the Covid crisis, we are often in our Home Sweet Home! And to warm our hearts in the cold of winter, there is nothing better than sweet scented fragrances. Here is our selection! Ma madeleine de Proust Do you know our Madeleine de Proust? Here is its story: Once upon a time, there was a smell of childhood. Those which embalmed the kitchen with the madeleines in the oven. They perfumed the air with… Lire la suite