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April 2020

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The famous garlic paste recipe from Provence

30 April 2020
la recette de l'aioli

Today it’s aioli! Without doubt the most famous recipe from the traditional Provence cuisine. The aioli is the name of the garlic and olive oil sauce that gives the dish its name. But we love to use it in a thousand and one ways. We will explain everything to you ! Ingredients For 6 persons For the preparation of the sauce: 15 garlic cloves 2 egg yolks 30cl olive oil 1.5 teaspoons of vinegar Salt and pepper from the mill… Lire la suite

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Long live crafts!

29 April 2020
Artisans d'exception

Our goal at Rose et Marius: to embellish your daily life! This is why the excellence of French know-how is at the heart of our commitments. We value crafts that are passed on from generation to generation to offer you the best and make you live la vie en Rose … et Marius😉 The label of art craftsmen The arts and crafts movement was born in France at the end of the 19th century. It is used to reward craftsmen… Lire la suite

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Spring detox water

28 April 2020
l'eau aux feuilles et fruits de printemps

With the first heat of spring, it is important to stay hydrated. But drinking water can sometimes be tasteless. So we decided to share with you a recipe that is as simple as it is delicious : spring detox water from Rose et Marius.   Ingredients: 5 peppermint leaves 5 fresh verbena leaves 5 basil leaves 3 gariguette strawberries 1 quarter of lemon And water !   Let’s go ! Fill your carafe with tap water. Squeeze the lemon, cut… Lire la suite

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Rose water panacotta

27 April 2020
dessert à l'eau de rose

The delicate scent of roses is the one preferred by Rose et  Marius. This is why we have decided to share with you its delicate taste in a dessert as simple as it is refined: panacotta with rose water. Ingredients: For 6 persons : 250ml liquid cream 250ml semi skimmed milk 4 gelatin sheets 70g sugar 2 tablespoons Thiercelin rose water (the choice of rose water is very essential) 5 juicy strawberries   Let’s go ! Put the gelatin to… Lire la suite

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Zucchini flowers stuffed with ricotta

26 April 2020
fleurs de courgette

The pretty zucchini flowers are starting to bloom on the stalls of your greengrocer. But we often wonder how to prepare them? Today we share with you a delicious way we cook them in Provence.. Here is the recipe for zucchini flowers stuffed with ricotta. An aromatic  recipe, very simple to make, which will create a sensation for your guest as a starter or as an accompaniment to fish or shellfish. Ingredients: For 4 people : 12 zucchini flowers 50… Lire la suite

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What is the best natural shampoo?

27 April 2020
Shampooing au vin rosé

Using natural products for your body is not a fad. But a real awareness. The importance of taking care of yourself with products that make us feel good (and make us beautiful!). At Rose et Marius, from the start, we have never compromised with the quality and provenance of our raw materials. Natural and handcrafted in France, our products are a true concentrate of Provence excellence. After the body collections, we wanted to complete our collection, to take care of… Lire la suite

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Homemade pesto gnocchi

23 April 2020
devisions homemade gnocchi

How about changing pasta? With containment not easy to find inspiration! Today we are staying in Italy with our homemade Pesto gnocchi. A very easy recipe to make with children: a delicious way to keep them occupied! Ingredients For 5 people For the gnocchi 600g of potatoes 300g flour 2 egg yolks Butter / Olive Oil Salt For the Pesto A large bunch of fresh basil from the garden 50 grams of Parmesan 30 grams of pine nuts (or hazelnuts… Lire la suite

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How about washing your hands with rosé wine?

22 April 2020
Vegan soap from France

Since the start of the COVID-19 epidemic, the injunction to implement barrier measures has been strong to stop the virus. Washing your hands becomes a gesture of health and citizenship. What if we put fun and originality in this action? what if we decided to wash our hands with rosé wine? An iconic fragrance from South of France At Rose et Marius, we create exceptional perfumes from the Haute Parfumerie from Grasse. Our emblematic perfume is the one we created… Lire la suite

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Probably the best waffle recipe !

21 April 2020
Gaufre d'antan

We love the sweetness and delicacy of the orange blossom and these regressive desserts that recall childhood. This waffle recipe is a family secret that we will reveal to you! Ingredients: For 6 persons 400 grams of flour 4 eggs 2 tablespoons of sugar 2 tablespoons of natural organic orange blossom 450ml sparkling water 450ml whole milk 100g of butter 1 pinch of salt Let’s go ! Put the flour, salt and sugar in a container, mix with the 4… Lire la suite

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Summer cod cooked in a fig leaf

21 April 2020
Summer fish

What if we decided to invite summer to our table? Today a tasty, light and fast recipe. At Rose et Marius, we love the delicate fragrance of fig leaves. It is even part of our logo and many of our fragrance collections pay tribute  to it. The fig trees in the garden are now adorned with their tender green leaves, which inspired us for this recipe. We decided to use them as a stewing method. So that these green and… Lire la suite